Melania Trump Condemns Anna Wintur for Covering Doctor Jill Biden

Apparently, Melania Trump Reality cannot be surpassed Enjoy She was not covered when she was First Lady.

In his first sit-down interview since leaving the White House, he denounced the 52-year-old editor-in-chief, Anna Winter, To be “biased” in choosing the cover star of popular fashion magazines. The remarks came during his first sit-down interview since leaving the White House Fox and Friends Weekend Co-host Pete Higgseth Note that both floats Dr. Jill Biden And vice president Orange Harris Appeared on the cover, but Melania was not her husband for four years Donald Trump Was in the office. He also raised the issue Michelle Obama There were three times on the cover, and Hillary Clinton Once he was honored.

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So if you want to know what he thinks about the decision not to include her on the cover, Be the best The lawyer walked over to Anna. Melania answers:

“They are biased and they have likes and dislikes and that is very clear. And I think the American people and everyone sees it. That was their decision, and I have a lot more work to do than just be on the cover of enjoyment – and I did it at the White House. “

As you may know, Jill Mag appeared on the cover of the August 2021 issue. You can check out the stunning snapshot (below):

Although Melania did not appear on the cover during Trump’s presidency, she was shown wearing her wedding dress shortly after marrying the businessman in 2005. And accordingly Daily BeastHis former assistant Stephanie Winston-Olkoff Claimed that he was offered to shoot Enjoy Twice before and after Trump’s inauguration. However, Melania refused to do so because they would not guarantee her cover.

But there are more … journalists Amy Odell The new book claims Anna: Biography There is some bad blood between the two women. Former First Lady Anna was ignored while visiting the Trump Tower in 2016. Ivanka Trump And didn’t tell Melania she was coming. According to Winston-Olkoff, he was “so angry” that he did not say “hello” when Anna arrived.

What do you think of his comments, Perezcious reader? The following comments are harmful).

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