Melissa Gorga: I’m glad I left Teresa Goodis as a friend!

Melissa Gorga sorry.

Except … you know what? To be perfectly honest?

Melissa Gorga isn’t really sorry.

The longtime Real Housewives New Jersey star is basically Dr. So A long, close season is approaching for close friend Teresa Goodis, during which Teresa blasted Melissa’s husband and revealed that Gorga would not be at his wedding party.

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Guidos selfie

Appearing on the “Mention It All” podcast last Monday, Gorga talks about her broken relationship with her famous brother-in-law, saying that she really tried to make things work for many years.

“I really feel like I’ve hit every path,” Gorga said, explicitly adding to the way things happened and evolved between former friends:

“I have no guilt.”

In one episode Melissa Gorga and Teresa Guidis

Joe Gorga – Melissa’s wife and Teresa’s brother – got into a screaming match with Goodis in the third part of a recent reunion special, when Teresa trashed her alleged lover as a “bitch boy”.

He went on to say that he was “too involved” in the drama among women, at one point persuading Jock to take the storm and saying that he was leaving the show.

As far as Melissa is concerned now, she tried to be friendly and be a good friend … and this effort was not rewarded.

“It’s fair to say we don’t have the best relationship,” Melissa explained in the podcast.

“And I don’t feel guilty for saying that because I tried really hard and I know I tried hard … for my father-in-law and Joey.”

Joe Gorga defends himself

Several weeks ago, Teresa revealed that she did not want Melissa to stand as her maid of honor in her upcoming marriage.

Moreover, to add insult to Melissa’s injury, Teresa said Did Instead, ask the sisters of his fianc Luis Ruelas to fulfill that role.

During the reunion, the in-laws made a deal to stop pretending to like each other, which Melissa said helps her feel “a little free.”

Melissa, however, said Monday that she knew her bond with Judis had been broken after watching their interaction in Season 1 of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

Teresa Goodis thinks about life

Withdrawal Gorga On Air:

“When I went back and saw the Ultimate Girls Trip, Teresa and I were on the plane together and watching some scenes we were in the car, and I looked at her and told the truth:

‘It’s exciting that we can do it together and it’s something fun.

“We will have the memory that we did something fun when we grew up.”

Teresa Goodis through confessional


Melissa added, “He just rolled his eyes and looked at me.” “It simply came to our notice then [this] The weather [of The Real Housewives of New Jersey]I think I’ve tried and I’m fine. “

Teresa has repeatedly accused Melissa of being an infidel for years, citing her friendship with Judith’s onscreen foe Margaret Josephus and Jackie Goldsnyder.

Melissa, meanwhile, would not mind if Judas left the program altogether.

Teresa on Bravo

“I think he’s at a point where he no longer enjoys it,” Gorga said earlier on The Wendy Williams show, continuing as follows:

“And it’s very clear he doesn’t enjoy it …

“So I think if it makes him unhappy and he has a man who is financially stable and they want to be happy, he should do it.

“If you don’t need it, why do it?”

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