Michael Jason and Juliana Custodio finalize divorce: We can all move on!

Earlier this year, 90 day engagement Alams has filed for divorce from Juliana Custodio Michael Jessen.

The filing is no surprise, as she was already living on another continent, had a new partner and was already pregnant with her first child.

Now, Michael says the divorce is final.

She has other ongoing issues, but she says Juliana will “celebrate” this week.

Michael Jason and Juliana Custodio were enough

On Wednesday, May 18, Michael Jason posted on Facebook and then cross-posted on Instagram.

“Tomorrow,” he began, “two people will celebrate that I’m finally out of their lives for the better.”

Michael predicted: “And they will go on … and so will I. …”

Michael Jason's Divorce Update 18 May 2022

“I myself,” Michael admits, “I will not necessarily celebrate.”

“However,” he said, “I have learned a lot and will continue to live by gaining more knowledge.”

Michael admits: “Sometimes we can expect from life.”

Juliana Custodio and Ben Obscura on vacation

“Best wishes,” Michael expresses, “and nothing but the hope of happiness for JC, BH and their child.”

JC, of ​​course, stands for Juliana Custodio. BH, of course, Ben.

(As we mentioned, he is known on social media as Ben Obscura, but because he is a photographer – ObviouslyThis is not his real name)

Juliana Custodio and Ben Obscura with penis balloons

It seems 90 day engagement Both exes have recently filed affidavits.

Beyond that, the marriage can be formally dissolved.

Michael 18, Thursday, May 19 post sounds like the final date. Congratulations to both of them.

Juliana Custodio with big hair

However, Juliana called Michael after her post, expressing her displeasure to speak in public with him speaking Portuguese.

“Need to post for everyone to see?” He asked.

Juliana continued: “She loves to line up poor people, people there comment on it, like this: Why publish it? Are you looking for attention? Why post it? “

Michael Jason kisses the Bride, Juliana Custodio

Truth be told, it’s not uncommon for a reality star, even a former one, to give a life update, and Michael was fairly tasteful.

That said, Juliana has moved on in every conceivable way, her irritability is easy to understand, even if the rest of us don’t feel the same way.

Everyone has the right to share that they are divorcing, just as they have the right to share other milestones. This is life.

Juliana Custodio, Michael Jason, Sara Nasso in 90 Day Engagement Season 7

Unfortunately, the fact that Michael’s divorce is final does not mean that he can easily rest.

Foreclosure activities related to his home are underway, on the basis of which he has reportedly stopped paying due to the epidemic.

(It is good to remember that sometimes healthy people are sick, disabled and killed by the virus, and even rich people are financially distressed during an epidemic.)

Michael Jason Beams at Bride Juliana Custodio

The lawsuit was settled out of court last summer. Last month, Michael submitted a proposal to continue the mediation process.

The owner of his mortgage, however, objected.

One can only assume that the mortgagee is hoping to foreclosure and sell the property, while Michael is clearly hoping for more time and a better outcome.

Michael Jason and Juliana Custodio

Whatever we think about the story of Michael and Juliana on the show – to be honest, they usually like it well and a lot of people were rooting for them – it’s sad.

Yes, the breakup happened, but we all wish it had been more friendly.

And there’s nothing funny about a foreclosure. We wish Michael and Juliana well.

Juliana Custodio shows off her baby bump

Speaking of Juliana, she offered an update about her glorious baby bump.

Her approximately due date is July, and we are deeply pleased for her.

She looks beautiful as always, and we wish her a healthy rest in her pregnancy and a safe delivery.

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