Michelle Dogger Roasted Over Glare Homeschooling Error: Who Gives This Woman

Over the years, we have all come to understand how religion-approved homeschooling has failed Dugar children.

Short moments from the infamous family’s previous reality TV career served as bright reminders.

Fans have recently revisited several moments, including the one Michelle put up to instruct her children.

What kind of education are the children getting if the spelling on the wall is wrong?

Michelle Dugar shares her wide-eyed opinion

Spelling superintendent is not the easiest word in the world, but Michelle is an adult woman.

“SuperIntendant” has been posted in a document next to her name to remind her children of the basic rules of homeschooling.

On social media, Dougar critics are laughing heartily at the mistake, although some have noted that it’s not really funny.

See, we all know that people type every day. Stretch writing by the same hand.

The more you write, the more you type because you have more opportunities to do them.

In addition, people are more likely to misspell common spellings when creating typical spellings.

Michelle Dugar on YouTube

So yes, of course the Dugars make a little mistake – spelling and beyond.

(I mean, most of us would double-check things in an educational context, especially before portraying a reality show, but it’s not here or there)

But … just because they are To do Something like the rest of the world doesn’t mean that their mistakes will happen for the same Because.

Michelle Ruark

Dugars are known for many things, but especially for their toxic limitations regarding clothing, gender roles, and human sexuality.

However, education is not so much a priority.

When it comes to educating their kids, the focus is on what the dugouts do No. Learn – important notes on sex education, human rights, science and history – what they do.

Jim Bob and Michelle Dugar as a couple

Dugar children cannot learn about the real world in a useful way, not the way others do.

Simply put, growing up in a radical religion requires almost complete isolation.

Any careless contact with people who are normally dressed or talking can make the dugouts realize that the outside world is not so scary and can create their own ideas.

Jim Bob and Michelle Dugar on YouTube

There is another angle with all of this, which is to give their children a real education – even if it means not communicating with their peers – to give them more options.

The Dugar community insists they legally end the marriage as soon as possible, strengthening their role before they have a chance to try anything else.

Many of the husbands work in religion. Someone going to a university and looking for their own, independent job is a threat – a threat sprouted by their inadequate homeschooling.

Just a piece of meat

So when the dugouts have these little slip-ups, we all remind the kids of the opportunities they were denied.

Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 children were born with the same inherent rights as everyone else. Many – for the most part – were denied by their parents.

Instead of getting a series of qualified teachers from different backgrounds, they had “superintendant” Michelle. It is a tragedy.

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