Mick Jagger dismisses Harry’s style comparison: ‘He has only one superficial

Mick Jagger Have some thoughts on one of the most popular musicians on the planet right now!

Long time Rolling stones Frontman is open about his life and career Sunday Times In a new interview that is rapidly going viral. And it doesn’t really get much attention because of what Mick says about his music, but more because the 78-year-old rock and roll legend speaks candidly about a young star with whom he is often compared: Harry style!

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Although the rock legend admits he has an “easy relationship” with the former One direction Frontman, Jagger was open about his opinion that there was not much musical similarity or artistic feeling between the two. That’s good! They come from different generations, with different influences, and different experiences in the music business, etc, etc …

But quotes from actual interviews are certainly something. For one, the longtime actor talks about the pair’s own (and different) style and sense of showmanship, saying:

“I like Harry. We have a simple relationship. I mean, I wore a lot more eye makeup than that. Come on, I was much more androgenic. “

That’s great!

But Jagger didn’t do it there, but chose to comment on what his completely different abilities felt on stage when compared to the style!

Mick added:

“And he doesn’t have a voice like me or on stage like me; It just has an extreme resemblance to my small nature, which is good. He can’t help it. “

What peace!

That money quote, okay. Not necessarily disrespectful or anything else, but “there’s just an over-the-top resemblance” is definitely going to draw some reactions!

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It’s interesting to read, because Jagger is naturally asked about style A lot. Heck, in another interview about the subject in 2015, praised Mick more openly for his on-stage skills, saying:

“She is OK. I know him, he comes to see me on many occasions. And yes, I can see the effect. But I don’t tell her anything, I just tell her she looks beautiful. I like him. He is very polite. “

Since then, in these seven years!

In terms of style, he has long been a huge fan of The Rolling Stones’ biggest star. In past interviews, Harry has called Mick “the best man on the planet.” The styles even contain a Jagger camouflage in an episode of 2017 Live Saturday night!

So we wonder how Harry might react after reading these words from his idol!

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