Model and influential Alice Bambam die tragically after suffocating on kebabs

What a terrible tragedy!

Friends and family of Thailand-based social media personalities and models, Arisara doHis online name is better known Elisabambam, Confirmed Monday that he had died tragically. According to his mother, Supicha, The 27-year-old influential died three months after falling into a coma from a bizarre accident. He shared that Arisa was constantly on a jam-packed schedule and was sniffing some pork kebabs and sticky rice the day before in March when the food suddenly got stuck in her throat. Too scary!

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Arisra was rushed to hospital, but unfortunately his condition was critical. Doctors said they were “nine minutes too late” and that his brain was then deprived of too much oxygen. Eventually, he was placed on life support until his death on Monday.

Very sad

Since the news of his death spread, many fans have expressed their grief and condolences to his loved ones. His friend Sirikanda Chaiburut Open talk about how everyone was “shocked” and devastated by the loss of Arisa. He said:

“Everyone who knew Arisra was heartbroken. We were shocked when the accident happened but we all prayed that he would get better. She was so young and beautiful. I’m devastated she’s gone forever. “

Sirikanda has revealed that a vigil will be held on June 10 before burying the influential the next day on June 11. Supichao, the mother of the social media star, reminded everyone to take care of herself to pay their respects after her daughter’s sudden death:

“I want to remind all teenagers to take care of their health, eat on time and get enough rest. This kind of tragedy would not have happened if I had been with him. And I don’t want that to happen to anyone or any family again. “

If you don’t know, Arisara became popular on social media for posting a ton of cosplay pictures online – gaining a combined following of over two million people. Facebook And Instagram Year after year.

We can’t imagine how Supicha and her daughter’s friends feel after this horrible and heartbreaking tragedy. Losing a child and a friend is not easy. We are sending all our love to Arisara’s loved ones as they mourn her death.

[Image via Arisara Karbdecho/Instagram]

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