Molly Hopkins: Is she still with Kelly?

Recently, 90 day engagement Fans have seen Molly Hopkins focus on Emily Bieberley’s story in social media comments.

Molly, a mother herself, noted that Emily breastfeeding her son was “normal” and “not really that serious.”

But many fans are more interested in Molly’s life and where she stands after her last season Single life Illustrated

Is he still with Kelly?

90 days single life Molly Hopkins gets a kiss

Good morning 90 days: single lifeMolly Hopkins introduces the audience to her new boyfriend Kelly.

After her troubled relationship and divorce from Luis Mendes, Kelly moved to Molly’s DM.

It didn’t take long before Molly traveled to New York to meet him. On the show, we saw Kelly meet Molly in Woodstock, Georgia, not once, but twice.

Molly Hopkins for 90 Day Engagement: Single Life

Their immediate mutual interest does not mean that everything was easy.

First and foremost, Kelly knew he needed to be fixed by Molly’s daughters.

That means he has to form a bond with his daughter, Kensley, and get the approval of his elder, Olivia.

Molly Hopkins and daughter Olivia

Then, of course, came the Gauntlet to impress Molly’s friends.

Parts of it are things that everyone in the relationship goes to in some form or another.

Others very visibly implied that this relationship was a good thing to have more to do with winning the hearts of the fans.

Molly Hopkins' boyfriend Kelly in The Single Life

On Kelly’s return trip, however, there was a conflict between him and Molly – as his casual online snooping led him to find his ex-girlfriend, who has a young child.

Kelly told him she had no children.

She convinced him that the child was not hers, but that it led to an important discussion about Molly’s problems of comprehensible faith.

Molly Hopkins is smiling in bed

Kelly insisted that she was not like Molly’s ex-boyfriend Luis Mendez, who and Molly remarried shortly after their divorce.

She doesn’t want to pay for her ex-husband’s behavior.

Additionally, Kelly told Molly that she wanted children – something the 45-year-old denied.

Molly Hopkins did the promo The Single Life shot

Deciding whether or not to have children together can create or break many relationships.

Somehow, Kelly and Molly were able to work through their different opinions.

Some fans have accused him of forging this discussion for their drama, but it is also possible that they only preferred their relationship.

Molly Hopkins talks about her daughter to the camera

The Tale All Special led Molly to report some good news about her personal growth.

“I believe in Kelly. 100 percent. I trust Kelly 100 percent. I do, “he declared.

Shortly after the Tell All broadcast, he and Kelly went to the Instagram official, showing that they were still together.

Molly Hopkins and Kelly for breakfast

Of course, it was then, and we all know that sometimes couples who are separated will create confusing posts.

They are not meant to ruin their season, present or future, which often means wrapping up their lives for a year or more after filming.

So … are Molly and Kelly still together?

Molly Hopkins - You were on patrol


It’s now June 2022, and Kelly recently talked about Molly in an interview.

Combined with the zero hint of breakup – not even rumors – and we’re talking a strong couple. You know what Good for them.

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