Mormon Mami Tiktokar has revealed that ‘soft cradle’ with friends is causing multiple reasons

Who would have thought that Letter Day Saints could bring such a sex scandal?

Like us, you may not know that there is a special community Tick ​​tock Mormon mummy for bloggers. But thanks Taylor Frankie PaulThe whole scene unfolds as a do-si-do sex experiment that leads to the ruin of her marriage – as well as others!


Okay, let’s rewind. Taylor is a popular influencer in certain circles. 28 years old and her husband Tate Taylor (Yes, his married name is Taylor Taylor) Presumably devout Mormon who shared two small children together. She made a name for herself by showing off the sexy side of her clean life, her workouts, her bikini body, her mom’s tips, her wedding privacy. But he kept the biggest secret… until now.

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Taylor says he and Tate became known as the “soft swinger”. That’s where couples get married openly but in a kind of PG-13 way. They are allowed to make out with other people, but not sex. Also, be present in their room. He says they’ve done it for a while and everyone has made it with several more people.

See, it sounds hot like hell, but if you think it’s asking for a problem, you won’t be wrong. Because that’s exactly what they got!

Mormon’s mother announces that she and Tate are divorcing after living together for more than six years Instagram story:

“I have felt the most pain in my life for the last eight days. I mourn and mourn the loss of my family and friends. Tate and I are divorced, however, I always love her deeply, but it’s best for us. There is a long and painful road ahead but I am hopeful that it will get out of here. “

In a recent series of Tiktok livestreams, spreading the word about exactly what’s going on with her now-divorced husband, she reveals the dark underbelly of her Mormon Mami friend group – many of whom are influential too!

She says her husband persuaded her to divorce because she broke the rules – and had sex with a friend at a party. Apparently when he was Tough Swinging with this Mormon father, Tate was also hooking up with the man’s wife. But he is the one who broke the covenant with another in the holiest of holes.

So … what’s going on with this other couple ?? That’s the thing. Because they are so open about everything on social media, everyone they hang out with is in the spotlight! And according to Taylor, the fallout is huge!

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He says that at least three couples in this “big friend explosion” are actually getting divorced! Curse. Apparently, from a previous point of view, it was not a great idea to have a party where everyone exchanged spouses. Although he said he “didn’t want to be named”, it was too late. Other well-known couples in the Utah influential circle include:

  • Connor and Whitney Levitt
  • Chase and Miranda Hope Macquarter
  • Samuel and Camille Munde
  • Braden and McKenna Rowley
  • Selver and Victoria Jalik

Rumors have it that Taylor is having an affair with Braden and Tate is having an affair with McKenna. No one has confirmed the identity of the other couple, but Taylor said in a video:

“No one is innocent. In this situation, everyone is united. “

(He later released a video, apparently at the request of Chase and Miranda, to say that it wasn’t them and that they weren’t swingers at all.)

Surprisingly, Taylor makes it clear that divorce is not “all” for this main party disaster.

“It was more ‘because I think we had a lot of other problems and then it was the tip of the iceberg.”


As we said, this is coming from wild things Joseph Smith We’ll keep you up to date on any other dirty dates that Desh Taylor has decided to drop!

[Image via Taylor Frankie Paul/Instagram.]

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