Mother and priest grandfather accused of killing 3-year-old girl

Two men and a woman have been charged in San Jose, California, with various crimes related to the alleged “ghostly” death of a 3-year-old girl in September last year.

Northern California city authorities have complained that the child’s grandfather, 59, is dead Renেনে Trigueros Hernandez (Pictured above, right) – who is also a priest – and his 19-year-old uncle Renেনে Hernandez-Santos (Pictured above, left) Both were allegedly involved in the girl’s death. Also charged is the child’s mother, 25 years old Claudia Hernandez-Santos (Picture above, in the middle).

Claudia was previously charged in late January with criminal child abuse, which resulted in the death of a young girl, identified by authorities. Areli Naomi Proctor. Now, late last week, after a month-long investigation, police charged both men, young and old, with the same count.

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According to Wed-NewsClaudia says her daughter was possessed by a monster on September 24, 2021, just days before her last death. The little girl’s grandfather wanted to “free her from his evil spirit”, who is said to be her priest. Apostles and Prophets Church In the area, intended to perform an exorcism. A statement of information claimed by PD in San Jose (below):

Defendant 1 explained that on September 23, 2021, he began to believe that the victim had a right, because the victim would wake up and scream or cry periodically.

The next day, September 24, when the family took the little girl to church around 6:30, they tried to vomit her, “believing it would expel the ‘spirit.’

Police Docs State (below):

“After that, Defendant 1, Defendant 2, and Defendant 3 were all trying to make the victim vomit. Defendant 1 described that the three parties would change where the victim was caught while attempting to vomit. Eventually, the victim vomited a clear / purple liquid. “

According to newly released police documents, Proctor’s 19-year-old uncle has been accused of being directly involved in the tragic death of the little girl, which happened while the family was trying to demonize her.

First, little Renee tells the police the story (below):

“Around 6 pm, the accused 2 [the uncle] He knelt down next to the victim lying on the floor and placed one hand on the victim’s chest and one on his back. He applied pressure to the prey and held the pressure for about 10 minutes. He said the victim was alive at the beginning and he closed his eyes to pray. After opening his eyes, he believed that the victim was dead. They have been praying and have not made any life-saving arrangements for the victims. “

Later, on Wednesday of last week, officials said the young man had changed his story.

On his second trip, the 19-year-old uncle complained to police:

In the statement, he admitted that at one point he held the victim in his stomach, facing down from the ground, while the accused 1 [Claudia] Holding his neck. He said it lasted 25 minutes. Defendant 2 [Rene] He further admitted that he knelt beside the victim lying on the floor, placed one hand on the victim’s chest and one hand on his back and applied pressure on the victim and held the pressure for 10 minutes. “

For Big Ren, he insisted they had at least two “prayer sessions” on the baby.

In an explanation to police, the grandfather and the pastor of the church said:

“The first prayer session lasted about an hour and a half, and he described the victim being held tightly to his torso while Defendant 1 held his arm and Defendant 2 held his leg. He said the victim was fighting and for that he had to hold her very tightly. Accused 3 [the grandfather] He said the victim had unusual strength and tried to bite his hand. “

After a second “prayer session”, Grandpa claims he left the house to make a phone call outside.

When he returned, he claimed that the little girl had died.

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There are more recent updates to the story from here KPIX CBS SF Gulf Area (Below):

Sadly, in the statement of complaint against the three, the authorities alleged that apparently none of the three had taken life-saving measures for the poor girl at any time on the day before her death.

Very sad


[Image via KPIX CBS SF Bay Area/YouTube/San Jose Police Department]

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