Mother and three children killed in horrific shooting – surviving daughter

A small town in Michigan is mourning the tragic loss of a mother and her three children after they were found dead in a home there last weekend.

According to Office of the Mecosta County SheriffOn Friday, deputies responded to a report of a man being shot with a gun and ammunition at a home in the small town of Macosta Township. When they arrived, officers found a woman – later identified as 40 Don Gillard – and three small children under the age of 10… all of whom died of gunshot wounds.

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In a statement released Monday from the sheriff’s office, they confirmed the identities of Don’s three children: 6 years old Caitlin Gillard4 years old Ronald GillardAnd 3 years old Joshua Gillard.

Sheriff said in a press release Brian Miller Explain what investigators believe happened in the horrific incident:

“[They were killed] Probably by their father and husband, a 51-year-old man who was then thought to have fired a firearm at himself, resulting in a gunshot wound to the head. His name is being kept secret until he is arrested and formally charged. In the near future, information will be limited so as not to jeopardize any criminal activity in the future and due to respect for the family.

The man did not appear to have been shot in the head. Instead, he was taken to a local hospital and later transferred Michigan HospitalAccording to the sheriff’s office, where he is in critical condition with serious injuries.

Hailey SalisburyDon Gillard has been identified by local media outlets as the honest sister of another daughter and three young children. WZZM-TV In the Grand Rapids about the terrible tragedy.

He said:

“I am just shocked. I am devastated. “

Sheriff Miller expressed his disbelief in the heartbreaking situation in a statement People Monday, as well as:

“No matter how much you prepare yourself for something like this in our line of work, it is never easy. It sticks to you. Our hearts go out to the remaining members of our family who will have to take their lives without getting a share of their loved ones. I am speechless, and there is no answer as to why and how this can happen. We have a strong community, who are always there for each other in times of need. Although heartbreaking, this tragedy is no different. We will come together, we will come together so that these children and their mothers are not forgotten, so that justice can be done. “

And in an additional statement published Auxiliary printing pressSheriff Miller further explains how finding the family in such a state has left a lasting impression on deputies and investigators:

“It simply came to our notice then. There are no words that can explain what happened. সাথে With our first responders, almost everyone at the scene had their own child. I can tell you that they took it very seriously. “

Very sad.

A candlelight vigil was held nearby on Monday night Morley Stanwood Elementary School, Where one of the kids takes part in a class. A statement issued by the school called on the community members present to “sit quietly and think” about the horrific incident and the loss of life.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and loved ones who lost their lives in this unimaginable and violent act.

[Image via 13 On Your Side/YouTube]

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