My Big Fat Fabulous Life Return Date Announced, Whitney Way Thor To Combat

For nine seasons, Whitney Way has been clapping against Thor haters and harassing trolls.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Significantly different from other reality televisions, including the fat star, because it feels less exploitative and vooristic.

Now, there is wonderful news for fans: TLC has announced a new season.

Season 10 will premiere this summer, but some of the story lines may be more serious than viewers expect.

Whitney Way is smiling in Thor's car

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Will return August 9 for the show’s tenth season.

The TLC offered in a press release, “Thores collapsed after being admitted to the hospital with an uncertain road to recover from a stroke.”

“With the help of her supportive group of friends,” the teaser continued, “Whitney gathers the strength to be a pillar of need in the darkest times of her family.”

Whitney Way Thor speaks to the camera

That horrible but hopefully inspiring story line will not be what Whitney is going through.

We might even look forward to some relationship drama … although his ex is involved.

Lenny Alehat is back in her life, but it has been alleged that this is not a personal matter.

Whitney Way Thor on My Big Fat Fabulous Life 05

“Elsewhere, things get tough for Whitney,” TLC’s press release said.

“When she hires her ex-boyfriend, Lenny, she mixes her professional and personal life,” the teaser added.

TLC explained that Lenny had been hired “to help her with her online fitness videos”

Whitney Way Thor On My Big Fat Fabulous Life 06

“Love is definitely in the air between Jessica’s wedding, Buddy’s new engagement and Ashley’s second baby on the way,” TLC exclaimed.

“Will Whitney find love for Heather too?” The teaser asked.

The release continued: “Or will Whitney get more than bargaining for a sexy Caribbean vacation?”

Whitney Way Thor on My Big Fat Fabulous Life 02

As human beings Starkasum It should be noted that Whitney did a very famous advertisement of Wamart, but there is no mention of it in the release.

It is possible that this does not fit the filming schedule in any way, or that contract issues may not make sense.

Or … it could be part of Season 10, but it wasn’t made in the teaser, despite being a huge deal for Whitney’s career.

Whitney Way Thor IG Promo for My Big Fat Fabulous Life

This is exciting for Whitney, but also for fans who now have a season premiere date and a whole new season to look forward to.

With Whitney’s continued popularity, combined with the relative purchasing power of reality television, Season 10 seems to be the most promising.

But with so many television cancellations across the board in recent months, it’s best to have a tough date that you can put into your planner.

Whitney Way communicates with Thor fans

Part of what is important about Whitney’s story and her continued role in television is that she is living a normal life to a point.

The most extraordinary and unusual parts of her life have more to do with her work (including filming) than her size.

He’s fat – that’s okay with the title, but his story isn’t a “disaster” and an endless series that hospitalized viewers have seen on other shows.

Whitney Way Thor on My Big Fat Fabulous Life04

In other words, body positive critics – even those who have criticized Whitney and Whitney’s own descriptions on the show – have praised the show’s humane approach.

Whitney model swimsuit, has an active love life (off and on), and awkward and related in many ways.

We’re glad to see him back this summer!

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