Naomi Jude’s husband cried for the first time on CMT talking about his late wife

Naomi JudeThe husband is talking about his late wife in public for the first time.

Larry Strickland Sunday night as part of an open talk about his time with country music legends CMT TV special Naomi Jude: The river of time. During the heartbreaking husband’s speech, she remembered one of the singer’s funny jokes on their happy days before her tragic death by suicide late last month.

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While on stage with Naomi’s daughters, Ashley And Winona JudeLarry, who married Naomi in 1989, remembers his three-decade-old wife as someone who loved to connect with others – everything else:

“Naomi has never met a stranger. To my dismay, he would start a conversation with anyone who made eye contact with him and we would stand on the sidewalk for 10, 20, 30 minutes while he talked to a complete stranger about their emotions and their dog. “

The audience, many of whom knew Naomi, could not help but laugh at the glorious ceremony. Then, Larry begins to tell a story about a recent moment that Naomi had in the days before her death.

Larry explains it to the assembled crowd Raiman Auditorium In Nashville, Naomi recently flew to Nashville alone. It was rare for him to fly alone, and Larry feared the fact that his wife had to travel without him to get to Tennessee last month. Country Music Hall of Fame The ceremony, which took place a day after his tragic death.

Strickland says:

“I was really scared to death about her flying alone from Vienna to Nashville because I knew how fragile she was. Okay, he returned the flight home to Nashville without any problems. “

Larry then revealed that he had received an email from a person who was sitting next to Naomi on that flight.

Calling the email “comfort and consolation”, the bereaved husband read the stranger’s message to the audience in front of him. The man explained to Larry that he does not listen to country music, and that Naomi is not famous, but the passengers still share:

“‘The next 90 minutes we spent with each other was not only entertaining, interesting and enlightening, but at least for me, quite enjoyable. It’s a little comfort, I’m sure, but my life is much richer after meeting your wife. It seems, though, briefly. ‘

That’s great.

Crying on stage at the moment, Larry reiterated that the unexpected email had brought “great joy and comfort” to Naomi during this difficult time.

Strickland closed the flight by adding the final passenger line, which was this (below):

“Of course, I didn’t know Naomi at all, but I can tell you that she spoke loudly and sincerely about you and the life you shared together. Rest assured he loves you and has no hesitation in telling me, a stranger on a plane who was like that. ‘

Very touching.

Our hearts are really broken for Larry, Ashley, Wayonona and the rest of the famous family as they continue the process of this horrific and devastating situation.

We are at least somewhat delighted by Larry’s revelation here about one of Naomi’s final, sweet, touching moments. Check out some powerful words (below):

[Image via CMT/YouTube/MEGA/WENN.]

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