NASCAR driver Kurt Bush’s wife files for divorce, claiming he ‘committed’

It’s over NASCAR Driver Kurt Bush And his wife, Ashley Bush.

According to court documents And! News, Ashley seems to have decided to hit the brakes on their relationship and filed for divorce in Florida earlier this month, saying her five-year marriage to the 43-year-old race car driver was “irresistibly broken.” But more than that, he complained that Kurt “did a disgusting thing.”

Oh, what ?!

Although the polo player did not go into detail about the allegations, he went on to claim that their relationship began to deteriorate in early April when he complained that he had stopped touching their accounts. As Ashley stated in her filing, the racer “blocked her access to their joint banking account, credit card and all other forms of assistance.” He then mentions that Kurt “demanded that he leave the family home in the first week of June, although he has another home where he can stay.”

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Following the news of their divorce, the Daytona 500 winners expressed their frustration with the termination of their marriage and sought “privacy” as they went through the process. He said in a statement And! News:

“I am heartbroken to make sure that my wife Ashley and I are working to break up our marriage. Divorce is a personal and private matter and I hope our privacy will be respected.”

Wow, what a surprise that their relationship has become so sour! But we guess fans should have come to it. Although the two often share each other’s snaps on social media, the last time they posted something about each other was in early March. Now it’s a beautiful sign!

News of the divorce came shortly after their fifth wedding anniversary in February. To honor that day, Ashley and Kurt shared a photo of the couple InstagramText:

“Five years ago, we got married on this special island. St. Barts, you have our hearts. “

He later posted some more photos from that photoshoot on the island to commemorate Valentine’s Day, writing:

“My eternal Valentine.”

That three months later – yes! When the couple landed on Isle in 2017, Kurt opened up about how St. Barts was a special place for them and how it was the “perfect” location for their wedding. He said People At:

“Ashley and I have chosen our favorite island, providing the perfect beach setting and hanging out with our closest loved ones. St. Bert’s Eden Rock stands alone as our favorite place to visit and we wanted to share our piece of heaven with everyone. “

Ashley, meanwhile, noted how the show was “really a fairy tale.” We can imagine that the island will no longer have the same feeling that they are going through this messy separation!

Are you surprised that Ashley and Kurt are gone, among racing fans? Let us know in the comments below).

[Image via Kurt Busch/Instagram, Ashley Busch/Instagram]

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