Nathan Griffith married May Oyola; Son Kaiser is strangely absent from marriage

If you have a long time Teenage mother 2 Visitors, then, you will almost certainly remember Nathan Griffith.

Nathan was engaged to Janelle Evans in some of her wild years.

And consider her life still a hot hot mess, that’s really saying something.

The two have a child together, but Nathan doesn’t seem to play a big role in the young Kaiser’s life – much more later.

Knut and Kaiser in 2022

However, it’s been a while since we checked in with Nathan because frankly, who cares what he’s doing?

But just for the old time, we decided to update you on a major development in Mr. Griffith’s life that happened last week:

According to a new report from Ashley’s reality roundupNathan recently married a woman named May Oyola.

Nathan announces marriage

On Friday the couple made their sacred union Facebook official.

There are very few details about marriage, because, again, Nathan is not interested in what is going on these days.

At the moment we only know that Nathan and May are building their homes in Miami, which may explain why the Net has not been very present in Kaiser’s life lately.

Photo by Nathan Griffith Insta

According to AshleyCaesar was not present at the wedding, which is a bit strange, because Nathan and Janelle were on decent terms with each other.

In February, Janelle mentioned the net in an Instagram video and claimed that she and David Eason were finally reuniting after years of fighting.

Janelle lies as uncommonly as most people breathe, but it seems she was actually telling the truth in this case.

Nathan Griffith has something to say

Among the types of social media posts that can only come from this lost one, Nathan even credits Eisen for the fact that he is no longer killing Kaiser.

We guess when you want to give credit to David Eisen, you have to set the bar very, very low.

One wonders why the emperor did not come to the wedding, but it may be a matter of logical – or budget – common concern.

Nathan Griffith wears a hat

After all, Janelle and David haven’t worked for years, and Nathan’s employment situation is uncertain.

Of course, Janelle has launched an only fan on the weekends, but she probably hasn’t made a real income from it yet, and flights from North Carolina to Miami are probably quite expensive at this time of year.

She may like the idea of ​​unloading her one baby for a few days so she can concentrate on creating content, but she can still run around three more lands.

General Evans to his tick

Also, this is not to say that Janelle, who has kids around, stopped her from posting selfies – just for the sake of the shed!

Anyway, congratulations to Nathan and Mackay.

This is the fourth engagement and second marriage for Nathan, who divorced Ashley Lanhard in 2021.

Nathan Griffith with Ashley Lanhard

We don’t know much about May yet, but he will definitely start popping up on the net’s Instagram page by the end.

We’ll update you when this happens – assuming any of you still care about what’s going on with Nathan Griffith!

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