NeNe leaks home wrecker lawsuit, says he will ‘never steal’

NeNe leaks Defending himself in the court of public opinion!

As we reported earlier this week, a 55-year-old reality TV veteran is suing Malomin Tehmeh-Sioh In North Carolina for allegedly stealing from her then-husband. Neoncell CiohWhen the two had a relationship.

But the court is not going to proceed without allegations of illicit intimacy The real housewife of Atlanta Alum his voice in public! And accordingly on Thursday evening TMZ And others, NeNe did just that!

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The former Bravo Star eclipse Instagram Live Posted a video on Thursday night and for his fans and followers. In a statement, NeNe condemned the demolition allegations and said:

“I have already stolen a husband here and it is too much. And no one here steals the husband. What are they? I never did. “

He did not stop there, but also distributed some of his patented sauces:

“No one wants to steal someone else’s problem, honey.”


According to the outlet, he told his followers to “show a little more love to each other”, so he was probably trying to ease the situation a bit. Nevertheless, his comments are strong and there is no doubt about his thinking about filing. We expect nothing less from the much-followed and always-provocative RHOA Alum

As we mentioned earlier, Tehmeh-Sioh is seeking N 100,000 in compensation from NeNe for the emotional pain, public humiliation through social media posts, and the loss of affection from her husband, which ended her marriage to Nyonisela.

Even after the lawsuit, NeNe was happy to reveal her relationship with the man on Thursday night, as she shared some pictures of them with him at a party. RHOA-Friends next door and other friends. As you can see (below), his IG stories were popping off:

NeNe has called for a lawsuit against Lex Home Wrecker, saying she would 'never' steal someone's husband!
Neni and friends appeared on Thursday night! / (c) NeNe Leaks / Instagram

All right then!

Apparently, Lex is not too upset about the lawsuit filed against him in the state of North Carolina. And no matter what, she’s happy to be with her partner!

Of course, this is not the only case that NeNe is currently involved. As we are reporting, Reality TV is suing veteran Bravo and its producers RHOA Hit show during its long run. When the case first surfaced in April, Neneo publicly called the former co-star. Kim Jolsiak-Bearman Allegations of “systematic racism” during filming.

In a statement given about two months ago The Hollywood ReporterLeaked attorney David D. Roberts To say Andy Cohen Himself, and said:

“Ever since the series began filming, NeNe has been the target of systematic racism from Coaster Zolsiak-Bierman, which Bravo’s executive producer Andy Cohen and other executives have endured.”

FWIW, is Kim No. NeNe’s lawsuit against Bravo is named.

Between these two cases, there is obviously a lot of legal drama to go around right now!

[Image via NeNe Leakes/Instagram]

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