NeNe leaks lawsuit against boyfriend’s wife over divorce


This is awkward.

And, for NeNe leaks, potentially costly and embarrassing.

Real Housewives of the Atlanta Alum is suing Malomin Tehmeh-Sioh, a woman who is the wife of Leon’s current boyfriend Neonisela Sioh.

NeNe in 2021

Legal documents, some of which were obtained by TMZ and then shared online, allege that Lex was close to Sioh when he was in a relationship with Tehmeh-Sioh.

As a result, according to Malomin, Lex eventually broke up his marriage.

In addition, Tehmeen-Sioh blamed Lex’s active social media presence – which has been the subject of numerous posts since he began engaging with Sioh Leak – for his emotional distress, humiliation and even loss of affection for Sioh.

She is seeking more than ,000 100,000 in damages for the fall of her marriage; Something for which you are actually To be able to Lawsuit in the state of North Carolina.

A lawsuit could be filed in North Carolina (and six other states) against an extramarital affair “for love separation.”

Leaked and bf

The popular former Bravo personality went public with Seoher in December 2021, posing next to him in a photo he uploaded to Instagram.

At the time, a source told People magazine that the first person to make Sean happy was her late husband, Greg Lex, who died of cancer in September last year at the age of 66.

“He can’t stop laughing around Neonicella,” an insider told the outlet earlier this year, adding:

“It’s still very new but she’s almost like a teenager with him, just light and cheerful and feeling the butterflies of that new relationship.”

NeNe leaks in one set

Lex, meanwhile, is at the center of a lawsuit She Filed in April.

Veteran reality star Bravo is suing Atlanta host Andy Cohen’s Real Housewives and the show’s production company, True Entertainment, and Truly Original for racist behavior.

“NBC, Bravo and True nurture a corporate and workplace culture where racially-sensitive and inappropriate behavior is tolerated – if not, encouraged,” the document filed.

Although he did not name Kim Jolsiak-Bearman, a longtime rival in the Leaks case, he accused the cast member of using N-Word and said Bravo never punished Kim for his outright racist behavior and attitude.

NeNe close-up leaks, private

“From the day the series began filming, Nene has been aiming for co-star Kim Jolsiak-Bearman’s systemic racism, which was tolerated by Bravo’s executive producer Andy Cohen and other executives,” Lex’s lawyer David Derubertis said in a statement. The Hollywood Reporter this spring.

Elsewhere, Leaks accuses the producers of trying to dissuade him from speaking out about the Black Lives Matter movement, which gained national notoriety when negotiating the deal before Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13.

“While the Black Lives Matter movement has affected our nation, Mrs. Lex – Bravo’s historically most successful black female talent – should have been adopted by NBC, Bravo and True,” the complaint said.

“Instead, NBC, Bravo and True forced him out of the ‘house he built’ by denying him a regular role.”

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