New story published by the family: Viral Indiana priest has started grooming and ‘a

We have a new report on the horrific story of an Indiana church leader who was publicly accused of having an affair – only for his alleged concubine that they were teenagers when they first had sex.

John Low is secondAt the now-ex-evangelist New Life Christian Church In Warsaw, Indiana, the alleged victim, while disclosing her relationship to congressmen this month, Bobby GefertAnd her husband, NetThe preacher apparently dropped out and jumped on stage to reveal the details.

What’s wrong with Mike trying to convince the whole church? Actually Incidentally, the now-43-year-old woman claimed she was only 16 years old when Lowe first complained about having sex with her and then because her allegations were widespread and harmful she spent the next 27 years “living in prison” with a string of sexual acts. The video quickly went viral Facebook LiveThe church and the world were shocked because Lo was facing his flock.

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And now Bobby’s mother Karen Wolf Talking about the “hunter” preacher in a new interview with The 69-year-old woman was reflected in an outlet about “grooming” by a now-65-year-old disrespectful former preacher more than 20 years ago. Looking back on his daughter’s adolescence, Wolf explained:

“Bobby started grooming before he was 16 years old. I know it because Bobby told me. We depict somewhere around the age of 14 or 15, probably 14 late or early 15. I don’t know how it started. There are some things I still don’t know. I think he started having sex 16 years ago, but I can’t be sure. I remember when he was 15, though I don’t know for sure.

That’s great.

Bobby’s older brother Edgar Wolf Talked to the news outlet. In his scandalous conversation, he reveals how he caught the pastor “in bed” with his sister many years ago – “of course” before he was 16 years old. Edgar claims at the outlet that the memorable event took place at Lowe’s home, which he shared with his wife. DebbieThat time was apparently far away.

Edgar, a 16-year-old master, recalls what happened when he went to the bedroom:

“I discovered him and my sister in secret. He was shirtless and he was wearing underwear and a t-shirt. I was surprised so he said he just came to say good morning and felt cold. They were in bed under a duvet and his wife was gone. And it was early. “

And he continued, trying to reduce Bobby’s age during the alleged event:

“I was just trying to figure it out. In my innocence I believed him. And I thought we were family, he would do nothing, he was our priest and I would believe it. Bobby is about 18 months younger than me so he will be 14 or 15 then. In my youth I thought it was a good thing no one else saw it or they would call the police and they wouldn’t know it was innocent. “


Karen shares her heartbreaking part for the whole situation, especially considering how Bobby continued to attend Lowe’s Church for years after the horrific work:

“For Bobby, I felt mad for him. I was devastated when I found out. There was a lot of emotion at the beginning, because I was wondering, could this really happen? And I felt betrayed by Loy. I’m mad that he’s mine.” “I am devastated that she is living in shame and had to hide all these years. I do not know how she endured this pain because she and her husband continue to go to church there.”

And the angry mother recalls how Lowe followed Bobby in “physical contact” for almost a decade:

“Bobby had a physical relationship with Lowe until he was 22 or 23 years old, roughly when he started net dating. It was prolonged because he had a head injury. He was a master manipulator. I now understand from other people that she is my daughter. “She was using her influence to try to push other potential suitors away. They had a call to stay away.”

Karen continued:

“I have trusted this man with the lives of my children. And I always thought he was a protector and I don’t think he would touch her like that – many, many, many, many times. “

Very ill.

In order to expose the tragic viral itself, Karen explained that she had already severed ties with the church after learning of what had happened to her daughter.

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Nevertheless, he was surprised to see others in the church standing up for Bobby and helping to spread the tragic message throughout the church:

“I was not in church. We joined in 1988 but after what I learned I broke all ties. I was completely annoyed by the way people stood on the platform in that video clip, the way he stood there and looked at Bobby. I was annoyed when they tried to cut the microphone. Someone wanted to cut it but the people at Sound Systems decided that day that it was not time to comply with Loves. The man in charge of the sound booth nodded and said no. They will not silence Bobby and her husband. So everyone listened. When they finished, there were no standing ornaments, no applause. “

As prosecutors begin investigating possible criminal charges in the case, Bobby’s brother Edgar Lowe hopes for some kind of revenge:

“I want him to break his heart in a way that is sincere. When I saw him on stage I saw humiliation and I saw pride and anger that he was caught. I don’t see any remorse from my sister for what she did. There should be criminal charges and the court system should face whatever fate decides. ”

Nothing has yet been determined regarding legal gossip. In fact, when Kosciusko County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Lotte is said to have “started an investigation” and has decided not to divulge details.

The government office said in a statement to the media.

“After reviewing the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct, Kosiosko County Prosecutor’s Attorney Daniel Hampton No information on alleged misconduct is allowed. “

The New Life Christian Church has also issued its own statement on the incident:

“In light of what has now been revealed, we are grieving and breaking for a woman who has lovingly served the church for many years, as well as for her husband and family. Our devastation extends to Pastor Lowe, his wife, and family. For 42 years, New Life has taught and promoted a cross-driven message of repentance, forgiveness and recovery; A reunion ministry led and modeled by both Pastor John and Debbie Lowe. “

The church also confirmed late last week that Lowe had resigned.

Such a horrible situation and year after year of suffering for Gefert after almost a decade of alleged illicit sexual activity.

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