Nick Cannon and Ryan Reynolds joke about ridiculous new vasectomy and babies

Nick Cannon He can clearly laugh at himself – as well as being honest and tired of being a father!

The Wild’n out The star is the focal point of a new ad Ryan Reynolds‘Booming alcohol brand Aviation American Gene, And in the Hilarious promo clip, Nick shows the audience how to make a drink called “The Vasectomy”. Yes indeed!

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Of course, Nick recently revealed that he is considering getting one Real Vasectomy – e.g., actual healthcare – follow the baby after the baby pops up in the baby’s life. But the eight-year-old father decided to have a little fun with that possibility before going through any real-life approach!

Which has come down to a new ad for the gin company YouTube On Wednesday night, Nick went to the bar to show the audience how to perform the “vasectomy” mentioned above. Acknowledging that Father’s Day is approaching, Nick has promoted Convocation, which combines Ryan’s aviation gin with cranberry juice, tonic water, and a lemon spritz.

Pushing the 90-second ad to itself, Nick says:

“It’s almost Father’s Day, and only Ryan Reynolds asked me to help celebrate with all the cocktail moms: vasectomy ৷ God knows I need one.”


The 41-year-old TV personality moved on from there, first speaking to viewers by inadvertently adding ice and cleverly making drinks:

“First, fill a tall glass with ice the way children fill our lives with joy.”

Then, she pours an ounce of cranberry juice and gives this superior line about the parallels between that taste and her children’s personality:

“Sweet, just like their laughter.”

After adding three ounces of tonic, ex Nickelodeon The star quipped:

“So bubbles, like I feel every day when I wake up after a long, full night’s sleep.”

Yes! Don’t run with eight kids, you don’t !!

To finish things off before dropping the gin, Nick explained that a fresh squeeze of lemon juice was needed. He explains how to do this before going into an awkward and funny depressing feeling about his little ragrat:

“Now, add a dash of lemon juice – if you have a few minutes to freshen up, or if the little ones are going for a walk today, buy them at the store. That little mother ** car … “

Yes !! Really, the vibe of fatherhood!

Then, he added the gin. A A lot Jean. For example, he overflowed the glass with gin. So much so that they stopped the shot and did it again with second take!

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After finally getting the pour right, and decorating it perfectly with an orange peel on top, Nick prepared himself for a long, satisfying swing just as Reynolds went to see and snatched the drink from his hand!

The Death well Star burst:

“I’ll take you out of here – I have three kids.”

As Ryan drank, Nick deadpanned the answer:

“I have eight.”

Shocked AF, the Waiting The actor spat his drink in disbelief !! Eight ?!

From there the camera goes black and the Aviation Gene logo appears on the screen. As the commercial drew to a close, viewers heard Ryan ask Nick to come over to hug them in order to comfort the older child.

In addition to embracing the two men, the 45-year-old revealed a final wisdom about Canon:

“No wonder you have eight children. You smell amazing. “

Very funny!

You can see the full commercial (below):

Amazing !!

And as if that’s not enough, Bray Taisi – The model with whom Nick is expecting her eighth child – took to social media after the ad was dropped to share her thoughts on advertising!

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Video feedback through him Instagram storyTiesi clearly understands the humor of “Vasectomy” Gag, as you can see (below):

Nick Cannon and Ryan Reynolds joke about vasectomy and babies in ridiculous new alcohol commercials!
Bray and Nick are quickly getting ready for the TV host’s eighth little one! / (c) Bre Tiesi / Instagram


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[Image via Aviation American Gin/YouTube]

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