Nick Cannon has revealed that he is expecting more babies in 2022 – what could happen to Abby

Update 8:40 AM PST: Abby de la Rosa, the mother of Nick Cannon’s baby, is pregnant with her child (child ??), sources confirmed TMZ.

The mother of two is October 25th, as we mentioned (below), although it is not yet clear how many babies she is still baking in the oven!

Okay, it looks like more kids are on the way Nick Cannon!

Now the question is how much more ?! Because his recent comments about paternity make us wonder if he is likely to welcome Triplets later this year?!?!

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The 41-year-old actor-slash-TV host appeared in a new episode Service without sincerity On Tuesday’s podcast, and in her discussions with the hosts about family planning and father’s responsibilities, she was open about what was going to happen. At one point, the podcast host rumored Nick and asked if he could have “three kids on the street” later in 2022.

The Drumline The star did not deny it! In fact, he played tricks on them by teasing them with this comment in response:

“When you say ‘on the way,’ are you counting?” Let’s put it this way … the stork is coming. “

Oops !! Saying “Stork is on the way” almost confirms that the kids are coming, isn’t it ?! Is there any other way to read this comment ??

The only question left is, well, how many children ?! And with whom ??

The Wild n out The host mentions his broad 2021 – where he welcomes three new children into his life – and indicates that he is clearly optimistic that he will be able to break his all-time record this year:

“If you think it was a lot of kids last year …”

Jeez !!

When stunned podcast hosts asked their guest when fans should expect this seemingly new brood to please us with their presence, Canon joked that fans could figure it out on their own:

“You’re all pretty good at math.”

Soooooo Does being good at math mean she will have up to 10 kids? Or more ?!

Of course, as we have previously reported, That’s all alum is expecting a child. 8 with model soon Bray Taisi. It follows a remarkably productive 2021, where Canon had twin sons Zion Mixolydian And Jillian’s heir With Abby RoseAnd boy Jane With Alyssa Scott. Sadly, Jane died in December last year after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Canon also shares 11-year-old twins Monroe And Morocco With ex-wife Maria CareyAs well as 5 year olds Golden “Sagan” And 1 year old Strong queen With ex Britney Bell. So, with two twins already in his life, it’s pretty clear that Nick has the ability to be a multiplier! Maybe we should expect two more ?! Or three ?! Or four ???

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Speaking of twins, we are reporting that the mother of Nick’s youngest twins has just confirmed that she is pregnant again. Abby went on social media the day before and questioned her own teaser, asking if it would be “another set of twins” later this year.

He did not confirm whether Nick was a father, but he did take it on Tuesday Instagram Live To explain that his due date is 25 October. The 31-year-old mother also told fans in a livestream video that she was trying to “find the best Z name” to match her 11-month-old sons, Zion and Jillian. That’s beautiful!

Now, all we can do is wait and see if Nick Abby is involved in her latest pregnancy, or if she’s in any other situation. So many kids !!

Feedback, fan reader ??

[Image via Abby De La Rosa/Instagram/Nick Cannon Show/YouTube]

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