Nick Cannon hints at more kids coming this year; There are storks

Enough !!

Earlier this year, Nick Cannon admitted to expecting Baby # 8 and has since promised to have a vasectomy.

Nick admits he doesn’t need to “populate the world” by himself, and he’s right.

Now, however, he is hinting that Baby # 8 will not be alone … and he can expect others before the end of the year.

Nick Cannon is trying to clear his image

On Tuesday, June 7, Nick Cannon talked about rumors of having “three kids on the way” Service without sincerity Podcast

“When you say ‘on the way’ … what stage are you at?” He asked annoyed.

Nick then continues: “Let’s put it this way. The stork is on its way.”

Nick Cannon and Pregnant Bray Taisi

The 41-year-old has already welcomed three more children in 2021.

Whether he teases people or is serious, he is threatening that 2022 could break that record.

“If you think it was a lot of kids last year …” Nick said.

Nick Cannon on set

Nick is a father of seven, with only one child – Baby # 8 – confirmed so far

But he was asked if fans could expect a new batch of kids in late September or early autumn, September and October.

Nick avoided: “You’re all pretty good at math.”

Nick Cannon on the red carpet

It certainly sounds like a recognition.

It is also quite possible that Nick is trolling people based on his reputation for cheating on different women.

Other interviews have given her a more calm tone, acknowledging that she has hurt the feelings of some of these women.

Nick Canon video still

Bray Taisi is about to give birth to a child # 8 … although if what he is hinting is true, it could be child # 9 or later.

A year ago, Zion Mixolidian and Jillian Hair Abby de la Rosa were born.

Abby is pregnant again, she announced Las Timos, but Nick has not confirmed whether she is a father again.

Nick Cannon

Jane was born to Alyssa Scott in July last year.

Sadly, Jane died in December last year, which was heartbreaking for her parents and other family members.

Monroe and Morocco are older, as are 11-year-old twin Maria Kerry. The 5-year-old Golden “Sagan” and the 1-year-old Strong Queen are both Brittany Bell.

Nick Cannon protests

The joke is that Nick Cannon has a lot of children because he has a lot of “creative” ideas for baby names.

Where most people create book characters or video game avatars or picru, they have children – so the joke goes.

The truth is probably more complicated, but he seemed to be thinking more about how his actions affect others.

Access Hollywood Nick Cannon

Many of us wondered when Nick shared that he was going to be celibate temporarily.

This was done on the advice of a therapist.

This is not a long-term solution for most people who are not part of a specific religious order and Nick knew at the time.

Nick Cannon in 2019

One very possible long-term solution for Nick was simple: a vasectomy.

Several weeks ago, he announced that it was his plan, sharing that he had already made a suggestion for a simpler, usually opposite, approach.

And if she’s worried that she might one day give birth to a baby # 11 (or whatever), she can always freeze some sperm before making this very responsible choice.

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