Nick Cannon promises vasectomy: I don’t need the world’s population!

Late last year, Nick Cannon announced that he was going to spend some time celibate. No one disagreed with this decision.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year, and Nick revealed that he is expecting the # 8 baby.

As many people have pointed out, celibacy is a kind of ultimate solution when you are just trying to stop ruining the life of your child’s uncle.

Nick is now promising to have a vasectomy before his offspring are large enough for the population in a small country.

Nick Cannon on set

Nick talks to Canon E! News’ Daily Pop This week.

First, she assured the organizers and the wider world that her children would give her a sense of “peace” and “purpose.”

Still, Nick promises that he is “not looking here” to expand his complex family indefinitely.

Nick Cannon and Pregnant Bray Taisi

With five different women and seven (eight running) kids, she decided that was enough.

Nick has revealed that he plans to have a vasectomy.

The simplest, usually retrograde method, will cut off her vas deferens, which carries sperm from her testicles and mixes with other semen fluids.

Nick Cannon is trying to clear his image

“I’ve already gone and taken my vasectomy advice,” Nick announced.

“I don’t want to make the world completely populous,” he joked.

“But,” Nick confirmed, “I’m definitely looking forward to taking care of and loving all my kids right now.”

Nick Cannon, son

Soon the father of eight genitals has his own business, but is breathing a sigh of relief worldwide.

Nick became the target of ridicule for his cheerful sperm – or, rather, how much less self-control he is thought to have had over the years.

Many believe that Nick’s choices can be detrimental to his existing children, their numbers and how they are distributed among several families.

Nick Canon video still

Vasectomies are generally considered to be a very affordable procedure, especially with insurance, and are widely considered safe, with a short recovery time.

In contrast, surgeries similar to rupture of the fallopian tube are more difficult to penetrate and reverse.

That said, some vasectomies are permanent, so those who have a way to do so may want to consider preserving sperm before surgery.

Nick Cannon

Very few people question Nick’s sexuality, only the responsibilities of his choice when it comes to how they affect his children and partners.

Honestly, he’s probably tired of being a meme, and can get sick of being sculpted by poisonous dudebrods who think that viral sperm is a complete personality.

Also, having an instant vasectomy means how he spends his leisure time less likely to get headlines when he doesn’t want it.

Nick Cannon and Jessica White on the NB: The Explicit Tape Album Art

Speaking of headlines, Nick recently reunited with an ex, but it was all professional – but NSFW may be featured on the cover of this steamy album.

For more than half a decade, Nick has enjoyed an on-the-back romance with Jessica White, who remains a friend because of their “unconditional love” for each other.

The two are clearly not fully dressed and in very provocative poses. Sometimes, album cover means more than the rating of any album can possibly be.

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