Not so friendly? Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have not yet reached an agreement

Although Channing Tatum And Jenna Board Divorced four years ago, there are some divorce issues that they still can’t agree on!

According to a new report from Radar online, The former couple is still fighting it in court even though a judge signed them to be legally unmarried in 2019. You may ask why? Apparently, they were not able to settle a dispute over a small issue: profit from Magic Mike Voting rights In fact, Channing and Jenna disagreed so much that their lawyers asked a judge last Thursday for an additional four months to negotiate a settlement on how to share the assets.

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Fortunately for them, a judge agreed to the request and set the next court hearing for September 22. So we have to see what happens after this dispute – especially if Jenna and Channing ever come to an agreement about them. Magic Mike Money

If you don’t know Step up The stars have been battling for movie profits for more than a year now after a 41-year-old actress, Channing, pleaded guilty to a feud over a dispute. Sources have already said TMZ Jenna helped the 42-year-old actor and introduced him to choreographers, including his friend Allison Fuck Who went on to choreograph three movies and Magic Mike Live Shows

Also, the franchise has not been very successful so far, earning around 300M through the first two films, it has also expanded to live shows in Las Vegas, London, Berlin and Australia – and a HBO Max Name reality show Finding the Magic Mike. So no wonder Jenna wants to make sure she gets every single cent of her cut in this business deal!

But you know, it’s not the only problem they can’t agree on! An insider further claims that Jenna and Channing did not share any property or support the couple. Yes! When you thought these two things were keeping friendly!

Internally enough, Channing had nothing but beautiful things to say about Jenna while talking about their daughter. Everly In recent times People In the interview, he revealed that both parents agreed that their 9-year-old child should not jump into the entertainment industry right now:

“Jenna and I, we’ve always looked at that. It is very difficult to be a child actor or artist. I also believe that if you really want to be a beautiful artist, you have to make a real living. And I think Hollywood kids, in general, have a lot of things that stand in the way of a very normal life in the world. “

So it sounds like a thing they might have on the same page about their daughter, but when it comes down to it Magic Mike? It’s one Too much Sensitive!

Feedback, fan reader? Are you surprised that Xena and Channing are still fighting over it? Let us know in the comments!

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