NYC man shot dead in subway ‘without provocation’ after Uber price hike

A 48-year-old man was shot dead Sunday morning on a New York City subway train in Manhattan.

Police said the dead man was identified New York Times As Daniel Enriquez – He was shot as the train approached Canal Street station at 11:42 a.m. Sunday. From there, according to a NYPD release, location officials reportedly began providing “immediate assistance,” but the victim sadly “committed suicide due to his injuries.”

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Police say Enriquez was shot in the torso in the incident and was pronounced dead hours after first responders took him away. Bellevue Hospital. Even more frightening, eyewitnesses at the scene reported in multiple media outlets that the alleged gunman did not appear to have intended a horrific attack. People The report states that several eyewitnesses said that the incident took place “without provocation”.

The NYPD released the information claiming that the suspect was “walking behind in a subway car” when he suddenly pulled out a gun and fired at Enriquez. As soon as the train was pulled to the station, the accused assassin fled from the subway car and went to the city.

Now the police are looking for the accused in this crime. Head of the NYPD department Kenneth Corey Revealed information to the media after the shooting, reporting that the alleged assassin was “a black man with a beard.” Police also noted that, according to security camera footage, the assailant was last seen wearing a “dark hooded sweatshirt, gray sweatpants and white sneakers.”

Very early monday Kitchant SewellThe New York City Police Commissioner has released photos of the horrific and unjustified murder suspect (below):

According to New York PostPolice sources claimed that the police have arrested a person named Andrew Abdullah Probably as a selfish person involved in the murder. Sources told the outlet that Abdullah, who was unaccounted for until Monday afternoon, had “19 arrests in his record”.

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Enriquez, who was later identified by multiple media reports Goldman Sachs Employees, living in the city’s park slope section. According to his partner, the deceased never took the subway. She chose to do it only on Sunday mornings, when going to brunch with her brother, because Uber The price of the waves has increased the cost of travel in the stratosphere.

Per, Enrique’s companion Adam Pollock He spoke on Monday morning about the late man’s decision to board a train from Park Slope Apparently, a three-mile ride to Williamsburg – which costs about $ 23 on a typical day, per outlet – was more than $ 40 each way on Sunday.

Polak told the outlet (below):

“He never took the subway, that’s not his thing.”

Also on Monday, Goldman Sachs CEO said David Solomon A statement to the media about Enriquez’s death confirmed that the firm was “devastated” after losing their beloved nine-year-old colleague.

Solomon says:

“Daniel Enriquez has been a dedicated and dear member of the Goldman Sachs family for nine years. He has worked hard to support our macro research team in New York and reflect our culture of cooperation and excellence. We are devastated by this meaningless tragedy and There is deep sympathy. “

Just awful.

There is more on the investigation to find the killer from here Eyewitness News ABC 7 NY (Below):

Our love is being sent to Enrique’s family, friends and loved ones after this unimaginable situation.


[Image via Eyewitness News ABC7NY/YouTube/NYPD]

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