Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent who rushed to rescue students from Uvalde School

A border patrol agent who ran to rescue his family from an 18-year-old gunman who shot and killed 19 students and two teachers with an assault rifle in Uvalade, Texas, talks about what happened on that terrible day.

In an interview with Dr. Ingraham Angle Tuesday, Border Patrol Agent Jacob Albarado I remembered exactly how he was Rob Primary School Attended an awards ceremony for his 8-year-old daughter Joyda But he left shortly after to cut his hair. That’s when things took a heartbreaking turn for him. While at a nearby barber shop, Jacob suddenly receives a terrifying text from his wife, Trisha, Who was a teacher at the school, the publisher was a gunman there. Read the message:

“There’s an active shooter … help … I love you.”

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Immediately, Jacob jumps into action and borrows his barber’s shotgun before heading to elementary school to find his wife and daughter. When the off-duty agent arrived at the scene, he said it was nothing but “chaos” around him:

“I just announced that I was walking towards my wife’s room. I just saw a bunch of kids running, running off campus, jumping out the window, the police breaking the window. It was a mess. “

But in the melee, Jacob is able to communicate with Trisha by phone when she escapes from her classroom and escapes to a nearby funeral home with the others. He further added that the shooter avoided his wife’s classroom, instead focusing on rooms on the other side of the same hallway. Meanwhile, his daughter was reportedly trapped in the bathroom.

Equipped with shotguns, Jacob began clearing the branch’s classrooms where Zaida was, and a tactical team was formed to enter where the shooters were. Dad said earlier New York Times That she hugged him as soon as she found her baby – but still managed to take the other students safely. He shared with the outlet:

“I did what I was trained to do.”

Last week law enforcement faced a lot of scrutiny for their slow response to the attack and for their reluctance to face storms and gunfire at schools despite requests from parents. In the face of criticism of the father Ingraham Angle When she was looking for her child, she wanted to help other people as much as possible:

“It simply came to our notice then. Everyone was worried for their child. Fortunately, as I said I was off duty. I was born and raised in Uvalade for 42 years. This is a small community. Everyone knows who I am. I was able to get on campus … I wasn’t just trying to save my child, I was trying to get as many people out of there as possible. “

And how has his daughter been doing since the shooting? Jacob shares that he is “good for the most part” but mentions that he lost some of his friends in the genocide. What a waste.

[Image via Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Worth/YouTube, Fox News/YouTube]

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