Oh no! Bam Margera broke wrist skateboarding just days after finishing rehabilitation!

Jackfruit alum The left lanes He is already hitting a rough patch after finishing his year-long rehabilitation program last week. However, we believe that her newfound skills and coping skills will help her get through the rehabilitation she has learned. We believe in the left !!

The 42-year-old revealed Monday that he broke his wrist skateboarding just a week after finishing his treatment program and returning to Florida with his family. I’m talking TMZ, He explained that he broke his wrist while trying an old skateboarding trick and his elbow was displaced which he did not do for more than a year. Oops !!

Although this is his 10th time breaking the same wrist, this time it presents a new challenge. Since she is refreshed from rehabilitation (and is doing well with her addiction recovery), she has told the outlet that she is avoiding any pain medication while recovering as she does not want to bring her rehabilitation process back. Interestingly, using his 30-minute break on a skateboard in a park across the street, he was in an AA meeting just before the medical emergency. Unfortunately, when the technique did not go as planned, he fell backwards and the bones in his arm almost fell off his skin. Ah! See a picture here from the hospital after the horrific fall.

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Sharing an update with followers Instagram On Sunday, the stunt performer posed with the singer Raven Gray A visible cast that covers his entire arm and extends to his upper arm. He did not give any details in the caption, but the fans greeted him in the comments. Let’s see:

Happy to see him feel good despite the injury! We wish her all the best for her recovery from this horrific accident and for her ongoing quiet journey !! Here the pain is expected to be controllable!

[Image via Bam Margera/Instagram]

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