One side of the Liam Payne podcast is the explosion of bandmates – and fans are not happy!

Liam Payne There was a lot to get off her chest about her ex One direction Band members – and fans aren’t happy about it … Absolutely!

Speaking of controversy YouTube Star Logan PaulIts podcast Emotional On Tuesday, the 28-year-old singer covered a number of topics – even taking the time to criticize his old bandmates. Harry Styles, Neil Horan, Louis TomlisonAnd Join the owner. And surprisingly, he didn’t hold back the Ditts, telling everyone openly about everything from their fights in the days of 1D to the fact that he still “dislikes” Zion very much.

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Talking about the group, Liam described the members as “provocative” when he first joined. This remark inevitably led him to move on from his feelings about other men, especially about Louis who first said:

“Louis was wild. And he wanted to be wild. That’s his soul.”

However, BearBefore admitting, his father quickly noticed that Louis was his “best friend now”:

But in the band we hated each other. Likes to come to hate each other. It was closed. “

That’s great!

Without mentioning a specific band member by name, Liam cites a special example where he and a bandmate got into an argument so that it was almost the result of a boxing match. He recalled:

“There was a moment when there was an argument behind the stage and one member, in particular, threw a wall at me. So I told him, ‘If you don’t remove these hands, there is a high probability that you will never use them again.’


Elsewhere in the podcast, Logan brings his brother’s time, Jake PaulIn 2020, there was a clash with Jane. If you missed it, Jake tweeted Pillow talk Rogue after believing he was “disrespectful” to her. However, it did not sit well with the actor’s then-girlfriend Gigi Hadid Who caused Jake to explode Twitter He also called Jane a “respected king” for being “ugly and irrelevant.” Looking back at the situation, Liam quipped in the podcast:

“Then he tweeted something about ‘get yourself a respectable man’ or something – not too old.”

Yes! Of course, he is probably referring to Jane and the alleged physical conflict between them Yolanda HadidWhere he was indicted in 2021 when he “occupied” [Yolanda] And put him in a dresser. “Without explaining the reference, however, Liam went to share his thoughts. From dusk to sunset Actors, shared:

“Before we go too deep into this, there are many reasons why I dislike Zain and there are many reasons why I will always be by his side. If I had to go through her growth and whatever else … my parents are very supportive where it is sometimes annoying, and in that sense Zayn’s upbringing was different. You can always look at the guy where he is and say ‘oh yeah, whatever, that guy’s ad **,’ but at the end of the day, once you understand what he did to get to the point and whether or not He really wants to be there. “

He added:

“And also, I misunderstood myself more than anyone else. For example, I don’t know what I’m doing or why I’m here. Looks like I can’t just sit here and hold him no matter what. And listen, I don’t agree with any of his actions. I can’t appreciate what he did. I can’t be by his side for this. All I can say is that I understand, and your only hope is that at some point in their lives, the person on the other end of the phone will want the help you want them to have. “

However, fans seemed very unhappy with his comments. Mentioning how Liam went viral last week to be comfortable in the picture with the model Aliana Mawla A few hours before revealing her breakup with him Maya HenryOne fan said:

“Liam is talking about Zine as if he hadn’t cheated on his fiance last week.”

Another commented:

“Zion is choosing to keep some aspects of his life private and Liam voluntarily promoting Logan Paul is a prime example of how wicked this man really is.”

A third tweeted:

“I didn’t think I’d survive to see the day when Liam Payne was the most troubled member of One Direction.”

And that’s not when people took issue with Liam’s interview in Pod! Others were also annoyed by one’s father claiming his first single Strip that down “Exceeded everyone in the band.” Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance.

Someone obviously needed a reality check and social media users were happy to give it to him! 7 shared many screenshots of Harry’s Grammy Award winning track Watermelon sugar aZion I don’t want to live forever Achieved more than one billion streams, thus completely surpassing Strip that down. In addition, fans have noted that Liam’s 2019 album LP1 Only 111 on the Billboard 200 came up:

“Liam … baby we can easily check the facts.”

“I surpassed all the boys in the Logan Paul podcast – Liam Penn because Harry Style sold 15 shows, 2 nights at Wembley Stadium, the title coaches two weekends, and broke all chart records during class and honors for his former band.”

“Nobody and I mean no one ever said ‘put on the new Liam Payne song’.”

“Liam Payne is doing a podcast with Logan Paul, and Harry Styles is performing at Wembley Stadium, which sold out in a few weeks. Those levels are ridiculous.”

“Liam Payne got more attention than any of her music by cheating on Maya.”

“The strip has surpassed everyone else in the band,” Liam Payne said in an interview with Logan Paul.

Many fans have also mentioned how Harry, Jane, Neil and Louis have tried their best not to speak negatively about their former bandmates over the years. We mean, Neil and Harry even drank a salmon smoothie and ate a scorpion, respectively. The Late Late Show with James Corden So that the trash is not talking guys! But obviously, Liam had no problem doing that!

No wonder people were annoyed by this interview! You can ch-ch- check the whole conversation (below):

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