Only one member of Carzena’s inner circle greeted Kanye West

Connie WestHer birthday came and went on Wednesday with the now-45-year-old star just a high-profile celebration on social media: Girlfriend Chaney JonesThose who stuck to the recent reporting of their supposed breakup, who showered some very public love on the interrupted rapper!

In addition to Jones’ post, Kim KardashianHer extended family did nothing to wish her ex-husband a happy birthday on social media in any way. This is particularly noteworthy, considering how much Carzena’s group is hiding to celebrate birthdays Instagram And Twitter. So the radio silence here says a lot !!

And look, we’re not saying they’re necessarily wrong to avoid this year. Only they know what they think is right. And as we know from Kim’s recent admission, she wasn’t always the best to the family. But still… it is noticeable!

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But wait! There Was Another universal birthday wish from Carzner-affiliated celebrities! And really, this person Is Inner circle with momager Chris JennerIts well connected brood, so it totally counts!

Later Wednesday evening, Kylie JennerThe child’s father Travis Scott Finally came through with some birthday wishes for Jesus is walking The rapper finally!

Travis Scott's first march-drop since the AstroWorld tragedy attracted more than 1 million fans in 30 minutes.
TBH, at least someone came for Kanye … just saying! / (c) WENN / Avalon

In one of his posts Instagram storyThe Astroworld Tribute to the rapper Strong Heatmaker showing a snap of the two of them next to each other in a sunny, sandy environment.

You can see a screenshot of that photo (below):

Only one member of Carzena's inner circle wished Kanye West a happy birthday, and it was ...
“Happy birthday, yeah,” Travis wrote as he shared the snap. / (C) Travis Scott / Instagram

Wow! Finally! That’s kind of a relief.

We were concerned that Yeh was not going to get his ex-wife’s A-list fame and birthday love from people close to him. But he got it One Nod, at least.

Of course, Kanye has been the focus of some negative attention on Fame Hulu Series recently. And after releasing an offensive new song about it, rekindling his controversial custody war with Kim, he didn’t exactly help in his own case. So we are not particularly surprised to see SKIMS The Mughals and their close-knit family keep their distance on special days in Kan.

But Travis Scott came!

Feedback, fan reader ??

[Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube/WENN/Avalon]

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