Jessica Simpson fits into the bridal-era skirt she wore 20 years ago!

Jessica Simpson fits into the bridal-era skirt she wore 20 years ago!

Jessica SimpsonIt’s still there!

The singer originally wore a skirt about 20 years ago – and it looks just as beautiful for the first time !! Last week, a 41-year-old black rocked Gucci Black blazer for skirt, white top, and a Instagram Pictures, and designer skirts have a history!
He captioned the photo:

“The funny thing is – I wore this Gucci skirt to Craig Kilburn at the age of 22 to promote the bride’s first season. (@rachelzoe Remember that?) # 19YearsLater #HOARDER #CANCERIAN “


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Stylist Rachel Joe Since he happily answered:

“OMG yes !!!”

Ch-ch- Check it out!


The actress first wore the piece as a guest With late show Craig Kilburn. At that time she and her then husband Md Nick Lachi They had publicity MTV Doku-series Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica Which lasts for three seasons. They finally filed for divorce in 2005. You can watch a clip from the late night show with the ex couple (below).

It’s hard to say if she wore the right skirt in that clip, but anyway, it still looks amazing to her today !! Feedback ?!

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Kylen Lori blows up Teen Mom 2 boss: I don’t care if you fire me!

Kylen Lori blows up Teen Mom 2 boss: I don’t care if you fire me!

As we have previously reported, Teenage mother 2 Ratings have fallen over the years.

Something It’s normal for viewers to lose out on any series that has aired for over a decade, but the long-running MTV series has problems that go beyond its age.

A common complaint among viewers is that the cast has too much input about what kind of scenes and story lines it promotes.

And that’s how we end up with the whole episode of the Home Remodeling Project when there are lawsuits and arrests and all sorts of crazy dramas off camera.

Kylen Lori turns the bird upside down

Kylen Lori seems to be the worst offender in controlling her own narrative.

The story of Kyle picking tiles for his new kitchen was a shark jump moment that seems to have led many former TM2 fans to change the channel.

Apparently at Lori’s urging, the show focused on building her new home, which obviously annoyed many viewers.

Kylen Lori on the MTV episode

Lori had all sorts of interesting things going on in her life in those days, most recently Chris Lopez was arrested for assault.

Kyle later filed a lawsuit against Brianna Djesas for mentioning the arrest on social media.

Lori’s case was dropped out of court, and Brie has been abusing her opponent on social media ever since.

Kylie Lori in 2022

In other words, there is a lot going on in Kyle’s life, almost all the time.

So it is understandable that viewers will be disappointed with the producers’ decision to show flattering aspects only on TM2.

A new preview clip from the show sheds some light on why they made this decision.

Kylie Lori on the podcast set

As the footage shows, Kyle is upset with her Teenage mother 2 The boss who asked her to share some details of her personal life … on a show that was literally about her personal life details.

“Where is Leya? [Messer] Talking about something [her baby dads] Corey [Simms] And Jeremy [Calvert]? ”Kyle asks.

“I don’t want to give you the things I’m doing when I don’t get the respect they deserve.”

Kyle is angry

Realizing that she is moving on to the people who made her famous, Lori has a brief moment of self-awareness.

“MTV will fire me later,” he says.

Executive producer Larry Musnik responds, “I think we’ve seen Leah and the guy evolve.”

Kylen Lori: A selfie

“I know you’ve brought it before. Where are Jeremy and Corey?”

“Don’t hit anyone the way you would all talk to me about their baby’s father, push me to talk about me,” Kyle replies. “No. By no means. ”

“You’ve got four sons, three fathers and lots of moving pieces about how to move that life,” Musnik noted.


When a producer asks if Lori talks about her personal life in her podcast (where she has complete control over the narrative), Kyle gives a rather flashy answer:

“Yes. I make more money from podcasting than from ‘Teen Mom’, “says Kell.

“I’m proud of all your success, but don’t forget that this show made it possible,” Musnik replies, urging Kyle to shoot his middle finger.

Kyle turns the bird upside down

Not the most professional response!

Not surprisingly, Kyle’s longtime rival, Brie, used the opportunity to laugh at Kyle’s expense.

“Buo! Then get TF from the show,” he wrote on Instagram after the clip came out.

And Brie’s allegations seem to reflect the unanimous opinion of the show’s fans:

Kylen Lori in Season 11

“Oh Kyle don’t forget what you’re from …” one person wrote, according to Ashley’s reality roundup.

“All he does is complain … if he doesn’t like it, why would you come back to the film if you make more money from your podcast,” wrote a second person.

“Kyle has to go! She is becoming Farah! ” A third chimed.

Kylen Lori, ready for close-up

“Like, if you don’t like to ask questions, don’t stay on the show. He treats MTV like an ass! They should say goodbye to the girl and give them that finger back to her.

Commentators sometimes pile on Kyle unnecessarily, but in this case, they may have a point.

If he no longer feels comfortable sharing his life story on camera, it may be time to move on and let someone else board the ship. Teenage mother Gravy train!

Janelle Evans only joins fans – after pulling other celebrities for it!

Janelle Evans only joins fans – after pulling other celebrities for it!

General Evans Trying to get something out of yourself Bhad bhabi Money

And really, we can’t blame him for that! That being said, ah, less than two years ago Teenage mother 2 Alam was exploding other celebrities to take this path! And now she’s here! Too much hypocrisy?!?!

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Over the weekend, Janelle announced Twitter That he was officially joining Fans only! The former MTV The star opted in to the adult-themed digital outpost with a new account and asked fans to subscribe:

At the moment, the 30-year-old is charging 20 per month for the subscription service.

Of course not There is Used as an NSFW photo-dump. Like some celebrities Black China They recently clarified what they share on the subscription site. But many users go to adult routes! And for the most popular people on the platform, it could be a huge cash cow !!!

Janelle is still new to the site, and as of Tuesday morning, she has only posted 14 times. Still, some of the fans who jumped into that state of digital media are scratching their heads! On Reddit On Sunday, a user shared a screenshot of a series of old tweets from September 2020 where the former MTV star blasted celebrities who took the OnlyFans route!

In a 2020 tweet, the North Carolina local simply wrote:

“Thank God, I’m not just a fan!”

In a pair of follow-ups, the mother added:

“And the only reason I’m making any comments about OF is because I think you’re all being cheated for money in #research.”

David IsonHis wife then finished his small and big talk:

“Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me.

Fair points, all! It’s certainly a bit strange to see how he caused the explosion, though, considering he’s now the first to jump on the platform even after 24 months. But whatever! Honestly, if he’s going to do it, we hope he makes a lot of money. And good luck for him! (BTW, you can see those Reddit receipts here.)

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To be fair, Jenelle appears to be Kind of Leaning into irrationality.

He popped on her Instagram The weekend account, following her OnlyFans announcement, and posted a tong-in-chic (we hope ?!) promo on her IG stories with a link to her new account:

Janelle Evans has only joined the fans - after pulling other celebrities for it!
This is a way to see it … / (c) General Evans / Instagram


So, uh, good for him?

Nevertheless, Reddit dragged him down after the new release of the old anti-off tweet receipts. Here are some reactions to Janel’s new social media business plan:

“After two years.”

“God I’m very curious about what this content will be like”

“I like it for him.”

“It made me cry”

“She is OK, but there are many more ways to make money. Even better. “

“Desperate time calls for desperate action. She makes it very easy to dislike him. “

“She knew in that look that if she had less money, she would get one, Emo. He is building it. Hopefully he’ll build a bank – a crazy time in this world. “


Feedback, fan reader ?? Where do you stand when General jumps into the only fan world ?! Stop talking about it with your take down in the comments (below) …

[Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram]

Tareq El Musa and Heather Rye Young caught fighting with his ex-wife Christina

Tareq El Musa and Heather Rye Young caught fighting with his ex-wife Christina

So, such a big happy family talk was a lie then?

Just the day before Tareq El Musa And his ex-wife Christina Hack When their 6-year-old son was scared for life Braden Landing in the hospital for emergency surgery, the exes and their new partner were caught in a very public collision while playing football!

In the new photo obtained by Dailymail.comTareq’s new wife Heather Ray Young He was seen arguing with Christina on the side of a football field. Hack sat next to her new husband Josh HallWho held her son Hudson (Which she shares with her ex-husband Ant Anstead) Some more friends and their children were also nearby.

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Although the details of the conversation were not disclosed, it was clear that some of what was discussed was quickly disturbed Sell ​​the sunset The star, who leaned towards Christina in the middle of an argument before being photographed by her husband, took her away from the exciting conversation! Although he tried to keep the peace, Tareq was later caught abusing Josh! They even had a nose-cut during an argument to separate the child’s football coach! God! See photos here.

Heather was later seen sitting next to him HGTV They are looking annoyed! But why ?! It’s hard to know what co-parents could have figured it out about. Interestingly, they are all now trying to cover up the drama by focusing on Braden’s recovery.

As we have reported, Braden landed at the hospital on Sunday for an emergency appendectomy. He also removed his diverticulum. On Mother’s Day, Tarek, Heather and Christina all post about the scary situation and make a big deal about standing up for each other and putting Braden’s needs first. And, well, now over-the-top friendships make a lot more sense !! They really had to put a lot of focus away on what was important, and the good thing was that they were supposed to be able to do it!

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Fans update on Brayden’s recovery on Monday, Christina on the coast The star shared a picture of her baby coloring in her hospital room and mentioned the weekend drama:

“24 hours is stressful but a good reminder of how important team work / co-parenting is. We are all under stress but when it’s really important we were all there to play our part for Braden. Sometimes a scary situation is a good wake up call. Maybe. In the end, everything else is just ‘noise’, what about the kids. “

FYI, Tarek and Christina also shared an 11-year-old girl Taylor.

Tarek El Musa was caught trying to intervene with his wife, Heather Rai Young, a day before his son's hospital fears, along with his ex-wife Christina Hack and Josh Hall.
(C) Christina Hack / Instagram

Braden, a real estate agent, also took a picture during the visit and agreed, writing:

“We’ve just left the little man, he’s in pain but he’s a strong boy and he’s free today. We were all together as a family during this stressful time. Kids will always be a top priority for all of us! ”

Tarek El Musa was caught trying to intervene with his wife, Heather Rai Young, a day before his son's hospital fears, along with his ex-wife Christina Hack and Josh Hall.
(C) Heather Ray Young / Instagram

Great to hear! Braden is already at home with his mother and resting with his other siblings, so things are getting better on all fronts. Feedback, fan reader? Are you surprised to see these couples fighting ??

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Christina Haack/Instagram]

Britney Spears shares the thirst trap, getting mother-shame by the troll

Britney Spears shares the thirst trap, getting mother-shame by the troll

Britney Spears, who has not even set a date with her fianc fianc Sam Asgary, has slowed down her role – specifically, her camera roll.

In a series of recent Instagram posts, Britney hides her majestic body while hiding her baby bump.

Something Things are personal, above all, even in the age of social media.

But some troubling trolls are flooding the comments below her post, saying Britney should cover her whole body – because she’s a mother. What ??

Britney Spears IG Photodump from Mexico

“The last time I was in Mexico I was a photo dump before the baby was born,” Britney captioned a set of photos.

He then asked: “Why does the holiday make me look 10 years younger?”

The photo shows Britney, her hands covering the tip of her breasts and a pink heart emoji covering her genitals, flaunting the front of her face.

Britney Spears IG pre-pregnancy photodump

Music legend has posted a series of repetitions of the same photo under different light filters.

“Don’t underestimate the ability to do it yourself and shoot with a selfie stick !!!” Britney Another batch caption. “Dump the photo before a baby inside me”

In another post, Britney writes: “I love you all so much SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO!”

Britney Spears IG loves you so much

For many years, Britney Spears was unable to post what she wanted because she had no real control over her life.

She was spied on, forcibly sterilized, barred from marrying or driving, and forced to take strong drugs against her will.

The combined support of millions (and a first-rate attorney) helped him fight for his freedom. Now, she is living her life and exercising that freedom.

Brittany in Polynesia

Or, to listen to a small but vocal minority of trolls of anxiety, Britney’s thirst trap is a “cry for help” and somehow unpleasant for a mom.

“It’s starting to get uncomfortable,” one judge remarked.

Another, who seemed desperate for Jamie Spears’ reign, wrote thoughtlessly: “Someone please take his phone.”

Britney Spears Bares All ... except Baby Bump

“This girl is sick, she’s crying for help,” another announced without explanation.

“We don’t have to look at it,” a regulatory troll insisted, “and we don’t have to look at it 5 times in a different filter.”

And then, of course, came the inevitable mother-shame.

Britney Spears in 2000

“Please have a little respect for yourself and your children,” one commenter wrote without showing any respect for themselves.

“It’s public. Do you want your son’s friends to see this kind of thing?” The troll continues. “You’re better than that.”

The boys in Brittany are teenagers. Their friends can see any naked woman on the internet and are probably not keeping their eyes on the 40s.

Britney without a top

“You’re doing it off,” these weird others claim.

Another regulatory commentator wrote: “Oh no Britney don’t do these things.”

In the wake of the recent horrific news, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of people out there who think a woman deserves to be told what to do with her own body.

Britney Spears rarely hides her butt

The funny thing is, of course, there are thousands of Instagram accounts that show this much – and much more on a daily basis.

There are accounts that are not posted in the picture without a completely nude butt.

Is it aging that sets people apart? Is it because of his ability, his mental health? Or do people just like to tease a famous person’s vibe? Maybe … these three.

Erica Jane lashes out at the producer who questions the “unproven” allegations.

Erica Jane lashes out at the producer who questions the “unproven” allegations.

Season 12 premiere The real housewife of Beverly Hills is looming

In the meantime, fans are getting a glimpse of Erica Jane answering any questions about her scandal or allegations against her.

In a word? Weak.

We know Erica regrets her on-screen behavior, but does that include hitting a producer for following the conversation?

Erica Jane claims to Garsell Beauvois

Ahead of the May 11 season premiere, Bravo released a lip service where Erica is talking to Jane Garcel Beauvais.

Season 11 was a heavy time for Erica, and she’s still explicitly processing how some of her customers talked about her, her divorce, and her legal troubles.

Erica Sutton singles out Strack, claiming that her custom “chose to repeat and say unproven things.”

Flashback to Sutton Strike in Season 11

We see a flashback from Sutton referring to the “ঘরে 20 million elephants in the house” as a clear indication of the allegations against Erica.

Although we should keep in mind that no criminal charges have been brought against Erica, the allegations and Inuendo have been flying for some time.

At one point it was claimed that more than $ 20 million had been funneled into Erica’s business to cover up stolen money for Tom Girard’s clients.

Garsell Beauvais's listening face

“I never had it,” Erica insisted to Garsell.

“It was never in my hands,” he insisted. “It was never in my account.”

Garcel stares with an attentive, polite listening face that almost captivates his true thoughts.

Erica Jane is upset about being badmouthed

To the confessional camera, Garsell is more direct.

“Except for Erica that they have been proven false,” he notes, “I haven’t seen anything.”

Garsell continued: “Not on paper, not on the blog, nowhere.”

Garcelle Beauvais has a very fair question

“If that’s true,” Garsell asks, “why isn’t it in the press?”

That’s a fair question … and, in a sense, it’s in the press.

But while Erica is arguably making some points here, there may be a good reason why Garsell didn’t see any “denial of Erica allegations”! Title

Erica Jane cares about Erica Jane

However, Erica says that “the information is in my favor.”

He is unhappy that Sutton has “spoken so strongly on unproven issues.”

The producer then works on them, asking what exactly was unproven and by whom – a very normal follow-up for any reality show.

Garcelle Beauvais delighted

“I don’t know,” Erica replies, briefly detailing.

“You have to test them,” he points out, insisting: “But it was unproven.”

“So,” Erica argued, “Bravo can do them a favor. I don’t really know.”

Erica Jane looks at a customer

Erica stressed that this information is available to the public.

“Tell them to go – read everything the king has left for my lawyer,” Erica claims.

“They can answer their own F-King questions,” he says.

Garcelle Beauvais asks what F-K?

We can all sympathize to one point, realizing that Erica is under tremendous pressure.

Even though there are no charges against him, his life has been turned upside down in a very public and painful way.

But … it is surprising that anyone in that position would make such a statement without mentioning it.

Erica Jane wants a new public enemy

And, needless to say, denying the public statements made by one’s own attorney is not the same thing as an allegation.

It is Erica’s attorney’s job to advocate for her.

The general public – and indeed, Garsell – will look to more neutral groups for information on what is “unproven” and what is not.

Garcelle Beauvais responds to season 10 reunion

That said, Erica may be wondering how the allegations against her have been taken seriously.

These allegations have also been made by the parties involved – including their attorneys – and have not been substantiated

It is not reasonable for him to expect people to accept his words as things are “unproven” but so far, many people have caught up with the facts that work against him.

Fans of Britney Spears are really upset for her latest nude photos!

Fans of Britney Spears are really upset for her latest nude photos!

Britney Spears Just can’t win.

Over the years, fans have campaigned for the pop princess to end her patronage so that she can finally control her financial and personal decisions, as she does on social media – but now that she has that freedom, some people are more concerned than ever.

The latest controversy comes after the pop star posted a series of full-frontal nude pictures Instagram Monday, something he has been doing increasingly for the past few months. The pictures in question were taken during her recent trip to Mexico with her fianc Sam Asgari. Covering her privacy with just a few heart emojis, she left Too much Little imagination !!

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In the first series of snapshots, taken before becoming pregnant, the 40-year-old writes:

“The last time I was in Mexico was when I was a kid Inside me… why it makes me look 10 years younger on vacation ??? ”

As you can see, she is standing in a position where her breasts can be covered with her hands. Images on different filters are almost identical. An hour later, he returned with more pictures taken at the same place, adding:

“Don’t underestimate the ability to do it yourself and shoot with a selfie stick !!! I had a baby inside before the photo dump !!! “

Shortly afterwards, he shared similar pictures, noting:

“I love you all so much !!!! ”

But um … let’s just say that his fans aren’t so enthusiastic about NSFW content. In fact, Britt’s comments section quickly flooded in with a strong response because viewers were publicly concerned about her mental health! Let’s see:

“I don’t understand … just why ????

“I’m confused by all the nudes. I mean first pie but why continuous pictures. I’m not a hater at all, just want to know why. “

“Free?!?!? !!!!!!!!! Charge us!”

“Dude wtf? To be honest. Wtf.”

“I do not know why people rejoice over him. He is clearly not doing well. “

“This girl is sick. She’s crying for help.”

“I’m sure conservatism was a factor.”

“I really hope you stop doing this. You are proving that a strange instability exists. “

“I’m starting to think that those who were in control might have been in control …”

Shh that last comment is really just wonderful. The #FreeBritney Movement fought so hard for the celeb to regain its independence after 13 years in a so-called offensive conservatism. Now that he’s finally learning to regain control of his life and process the traumas he’s endured, fans suddenly think he’s By Need help ?!

They can’t fight for his freedom and at the same time limit what he can post and what he can’t! And after all, Britney says how much she has suffered at the hands of her father Jamie Spears And other conservatives, do you think anyone should actually return to their responsibilities? Giz.

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That said, it’s just not true Toxic The publisher is posting pictures in the vocalist’s village which has annoyed the fans – some are just worried that his two sons Shawn Preston16, and Jaden James15, whom she shares with her ex-husband Kevin FederlinePictures may come across, complaint:

“You know your kids and their friends see it? Embarrassing “

“Did you have to post the same nude photo more than once? How do you expect your teenage boys to look at you this way? “

“Make at least one fan page. I love Brittany but she’s got two big boys who can see it.”

Someone else blamed Sam for not preventing the actor from posting nude pictures directly, saying:

“If your guy was respectful of you, he wouldn’t let you post half a thing! Leave some secrets … “

Fortunately, there were some people – and sadly, we would say only a few (compared to the number of haters) – who supported the singer and fought against the negativity. One user mentioned:

“For years, Brittany was forced to remain silent and control her will so that others could gain money and power. They tried to destroy him, but he was stable. If she wants to pose nude then that is her right. If that makes you uncomfortable … well. “

You can say that again !!

Not everyone likes what Britney shares online, but if it makes her happy – and if it decides to reveal so much for her IG – so be it! The suggestion that these sexy snapshots need to bring her back to a conservative position seems to be a huge overreaction. She’s been through a lot of processing in the last decade of her life, with trolls criticizing her every move and debating her mental health.

But what do you think, Perezcious reader?

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram]

Emma Hernan: Yeah, I’m destroying Christine Quinn’s ex, right?!?

Emma Hernan: Yeah, I’m destroying Christine Quinn’s ex, right?!?

Emma Hernan is unmarried.

But the Selling Sunset star has finally admitted in a recent Season 5 reunion that he has mingled a bit.

Without his clothes.

Emma co-star Christine Quinn with someone she knows in a very intimate fashion.

Emma Hernan at the sunset sale

How juicy, isn’t it?!?

Almost immediately after Hernan Oppenheim joined the group in season 4 of this Netflix series, it became clear that there was tension between him and Quinn.

It didn’t take long for discerning observers and Internet slats to gather the groundwork for this controversy: both women dated the same man, although their relationship seemed to be in the past.

But then the cast reunited to re-broadcast Season 5, at which point Hernan addressed those Ben Affleck rumors, along with rumors that he was with newcomer Micah.

Emma Hernan at the reunion

“I’m single. I’m enjoying life,” Erica told Host Tan France, adding:

“Whether it’s dating a new person, whether it’s Micah, whether it’s my ex … I’m unmarried, I don’t have to answer anyone.

“I’m living my best life. I can spend time with my ex. It can be fun.”

Yours Ex, Huh, Erica? Please. Tell us more …

Emma Hernan in an episode

“Are you still beating?” France jokingly asked about Hernan and her unnamed past (and present?) Boyfriend.

“I mean … look …” Emma said hesitantly, Mary Fitzgerald and the rest of the cast started laughing.

“Does he have empanadas this season?” Tan continued, suppressing the issue by using an accent referring to Emma’s date with Mika this past season.

“Like my new taste? New taste?” Emma screamed. “He can test new tastes.”

Emma Hernan on Instagram

A-ha! There we have it. In the end.

“I’m very honest, I keep it 100,” Hernan added, adding on stage that co-star Chelsea Lajkani had met the mysterious man.

“She’s very attractive, so be my guest if she wants to shake her ex,” Lajkani told her colleague.

“Do what you have to do, girl!”

Photo by Emma Hernan

Emma couldn’t even pretend at the moment that she and her ex-flame weren’t technically an item to repeat … but they were “double-diving” and “back for a second.”

Good for them, isn’t it?

And Sunset Season 6 is good for sale, which has already been confirmed by Netflix.

We already got ourselves a story line, folks!

Is Chrysal Stouse receiving the ‘Bundle of Joy’ with G Flip? He says …

Is Chrysal Stouse receiving the ‘Bundle of Joy’ with G Flip? He says …

Exactly a few days later Chrysal Stage And G flip Confirmed their relationship Sell ​​the sunset Reunion last week, the real estate agent is back with some hilarious news! Comedian Dr. Monday Grace Kuhlensmidt Apparently posted a Photoshop article from Yahoo! Entertainment About how the new couple adopted him.

The headlines read:

Sell ​​the sunsetIts Chrysal Strauss [sic] And adopts adult lesbian daughters from non-binary Australian drummer G-Flip Facebook Marketplace

LOLz! What ?!

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Went to explain the fake article:

“Hot Off Season 5’s Netflix ‘s hit real estate documentaries, says Crishel Yahoo! ‘I’m used to selling the house, but I’ve never bought a baby before, and this adult was only 36.’

The post goes on to say that the drummer, who uses his / her pronoun, was “seen with a sign that says ‘for the baby’, probably indicating the couple has just reached 200 pounds of lesbian.” Despite the fact that the post was explicitly made, Crishel joked on her Instagram story and decided to respond to it as real:

“We are very excited, thank you very much X.”

Then in the comments section of Grace’s post, the reality star also mentions her ex Jason OppenheimTeasing:

“Jason is pounding in the air. Thank you for all your good wishes for our bundle of joy. “

Oops. Poor Jason!

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Grace then apologized to her new mom for spelling her last name in the original post:

“I love you mom sorry I still don’t know how to spell your last name.”

But Chrysal didn’t pay attention, saying sweetly:

“All right, sweetie. All in time. For now, you can just call me mom. “

G-Flip then chimes in, adding:

“Okay honey …… I can’t even spell mom’s name. We’ll work on the spell after we practice the drums for 37 hours.”

Huh !! Chee-chee check out the hilarious exchange (below)!

Surprisingly, some fans actually believed that the adoption story was real so to clear the air, the 40-year-old Netflix personality added a claim on his Instagram, explaining:

“[The] The amount of people commenting and replying doesn’t realize that this is a joke. Sooo tempting to post some answers. I’m happy and can take a joke! This comedian made me smile with his post. But no friends, we did not adopt an adult for $ 36 in the Facebook Marketplace. Ha ha ha “

Is Chrysal Stouse receiving the 'Bundle of Joy' with G Flip?  He says ...
(c) Chrysal Stooges / Instagram

Oh my God!

Does he have to think about it ?! People nowadays fall for anything online! Feedback, fan reader?

[Image via Chrishell Stause/Instagram]

Biden’s sister says Meghan Merkel should run for president

Biden’s sister says Meghan Merkel should run for president

Last month, we reported in unexpected news that President Joe Biden was planning to run for re-election.

It was a different world when only one president in American history was rejected for a second term, and in 1927 when Calvin Coolidge declared “I don’t want to run”.

Biden, however, is 79 years old, and it was widely expected that he would send the torch to a young Democratic protege after Trump’s withdrawal from the White House.

But what is the strongest up-coming to the challenge: Orange Harris? Pete Bootigig? Meghan Merkel ?!

Meghan Merkel: A Photograph

Yes, he may not have any experience in electoral politics, but for years Duchess Meg has been rumored to be throwing her big, fancy hat into the ring.

The idea of ​​Meghan Merkel running for president has been ridiculed by haters, but is it really crazy?

After all, Ronald Reagan got it His Start as an actor.

Meghan Markle with a very big hat

Why shouldn’t another Thespian be given a chance to tank the American economy alone ?!

We’re kids, of course.

With her background as a businessman and a cultural ambassador, Meghan deserves at least as much, say, some spray tan aficionado who hosted a reality show.

Meghan at the Invictus Games

And at least one prominent Democrat thinks he will be a worthy successor to President Biden.

According to Newsweek, in an interview with the UK News Outlet this week, President Biden’s sister Valerie Biden Owens said, “It’s nice to have women in politics.”

“The more women we have, the better our democratic system will work with a different perspective, and we embrace all women,” Biden Owens continued.

Photo by Valerie Biden Owens

“We welcome [Meghan] Come and join the Democratic Party. “

Asked if he felt Meghan could “one day be a good potential candidate for president?” Biden Owens responded:

“Yes, probably. Of course he will.”

Liz, Megan, Harry

Now, Valerie said “do” would make a good president when he probably wanted to say “will”, but hopefully that wouldn’t encourage any bizarre right-wing conspiracy on Reddit.

(Just kidding, it must be.)

The Duchess probably has no immediate plans to run for office, but she has been involved in politics throughout her career.

In October 2021, Meghan wrote a letter to members of Congress urging them to lobby for a guaranteed paid family vacation for all new parents.

“I’m not an elected official, and I’m not a politician,” Megan wrote.

“I, like many, are an employed citizen and a guardian. And since you and your congressional colleagues have a role to play in shaping family outcomes for the next generation, I am writing to you at this crucial time – as a mother – to advocate for paid leave.”

Meghan and Harry are walking together

Many praised Meghan for speaking out on such an important issue, but Republicans criticized the Duchess for going too far.

This is not the first time Meghan has locked the horns with prominent members of the GOP.

Donald Trump has criticized Meghan in the past, noting that the Duchess was “not a fan”, adding:

Meghan and Harry at the Invictus Games

“I wish Harry all the best because he will need it.”

A Trump vs. Merkel contest will surely make for an entertaining contest in ’24.

But in the interests of American democracy, we should have at least one more year where no TV celebrity is bidding for the White House.