Did Johnny Depp push Kate Moss down the stairs? Behind Amber Hard’s Jab Inn

Did Johnny Depp push Kate Moss down the stairs? Behind Amber Hard’s Jab Inn

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

One of the big points Johnny Depp Defenders have always been able to point out that his ex has protected him. Even when they openly discuss her mood, there are no other allegations of domestic abuse – except for physically assaulting a woman. Amber Hard.

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Amber even hinted in her hand that it was a problem in 2019 when her legal team went to look for “documents related to Mr Depp’s domestic violence commission against other romantic partners”. We imagine that they couldn’t find any, as if they were subpoenaed to those exes and forced to tell their stories. Instead, what we have found is that Amber cited in her testimony in the UK defamation lawsuit in 2020 something she heard as a rumor. He said at the time:

“It simply came to our notice then [that] He pushed an ex-girlfriend – I believe it was Will not – Down the stairs – I heard this rumor from two people and my mind was refreshed. “

Amber brought it back in her testimony on Thursday – using rumors to justify hitting Johnny, something that has been acknowledged on tape. He was describing an incident where Johnny complained while attacking his sister Whitney He goes in and tries to “stop Johnny”. But that led to Amber defending her sister – because of Kate Moss:

“She was upstairs behind him, and Johnny was swaying towards her, and I couldn’t wait … I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t wait, I just, in my head, instantly thought of Kate Moss and the ladder. And I just jumped at her. I read it. “

He continued to defend his activities:

“In all of my relationship with Johnny, I haven’t had a push … and I’ve, for the first time, hit him – like, actually hit him. The face is square.”

And all this was fair, he explained. Why?

“He didn’t push my sister down the stairs.”

Well, as always, whether they believe his story will depend on the jury. But they were also hit with that advice … The implication in Amber’s testimony is that this time, Johnny Depp pushed Kate Moss down the stairs, we all know that.

But what happened?

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Johnny and Kate were one The Hollywood “brick” couple dating in the 90’s, from 1993 to 1997. Their PDAs were well known, as were their public fights. They were often seen shouting in public. As far as we know, their worst spat has arrested Johnny – and we can say that Amber is the source of the rumor.

It was September 13, 1994 – relatively early in their relationship – when the couple was staying at the Mark Hotel in NYC. Johnny was so upset that he infamously trashed his hotel room. Police were called and Johnny was found in a “potentially intoxicated state” and was immediately arrested for criminal mischief. Eventually he was forced to pay more than হাজার 10,000 in damages and earlier room fees.

You will not notice any attacks or DV charges. Because police said Kate Moss was not completely injured. He barely broke into the room. Talking about the incident in an interview many years later, he explained:

“It simply came to our notice then. I mean, you know, I was in a bad mood, I attacked a hotel room. I broke a lot of things. And it felt good. I feel better later. Can’t say I would recommend it, however, you know, you do what you have to do right now. Then you have to do it. “

Hmmm. Kate has said little about their relationship since the breakup. He never mentioned violence against her. He regrets the breakup more than anything, he says Esquire In a 2012 interview with Split:

“There is no one who could not take care of me. Johnny for a bit. I believe what he says. Like if I say, ‘What shall I do?’, He will tell me. And that’s what I missed when I left. I’ve lost someone I can really trust. Nightmare. Crying year after year. Oh, tears! “

Again, nothing we found that she ever hit the supermodel, knocked her down the stairs. He never said it, he never said it, no witness ever said it.

Where did you hear the amber buzz? He did not say. But it is rumored now. We heard it from Amber Hard. Twice.

What do you think, Perezcious paralegals?

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Farah and Sophia Abraham celebrate Mother’s Day with Derek Underwood’s trip

Farah and Sophia Abraham celebrate Mother’s Day with Derek Underwood’s trip

We celebrate Mother’s Day with all kinds of mothers – good, bad … and Farah Abraham.

Now, we probably don’t need to tell you that Farah won’t win the Mother of the Year awards anytime soon – in fact, it’s amazing that she still has custody of her daughter Sophia.

But sometimes, Farah completely forgets to be a bat narcissist and actually does some difficult parenting.

For example, Farah and Sophia visited Derek Underwood’s grave on Mother’s Day.

Farah, Sophia at Derek's grave

Derek is Sophia’s father who died in a tragic car accident two months before her birth.

“#mathersday My Mother’s Day is always about meeting the person who made me a mother,” Farah captioned the video.

“God is great! #Love in the Midwest Love my family! র্বsophialabraham is proud of #fyp.”

Sophia at her father's grave

The use of hashtags and exuberant tones may be a little inappropriate to visit a teenager’s grave, but at least Farah continues to honor Derek’s memory.

He paid his last respects to Sophia’s late father in December, when he offered some support to others who had lost loved ones.

“I hope you know that you are strong, healthy to feel a lot of emotions and even for many years, even decades, it is normal to be saddened by trauma therapy, anti-depressants. He wrote at the time.

Farah on Sophia's birthday

“Wishing loved ones and new challenges were unexpected. Peace and positivity are your way.”

Yes, with Farah you sometimes have to use the word salad to find meaning, but his heart was in the right place.

However, it has been an eventful year in the life of the former reality star.

Farah and Sophia on a yacht

In January, Farah was arrested for slapping a security guard at a nightclub where he was partying.

He denies any wrongdoing, but the video taken at the scene tells a very different story.

Farah checked in for rehabilitation after the event but left just a few weeks later.

Farah Abraham Video Selfie

He may still face jail time for the attack, but he will likely be released with fines and community service.

Farah is often involved in this kind of behavior, but nowadays, it’s a little more problematic, because 13-year-old Sophia is old enough to know what’s going on.

On TikTok, fans mostly supported Farah’s recent video, although some took issue with Farah’s exuberant favorite song – Walker Hayes’ “AA”, along with a fashion statement next to Sofia’s grave.

Farah Abraham gets angry

Humorous songs about controlling your drinking so that you don’t have to go to AA seems a bit strange to pay homage to someone who died in a traffic accident.

One commenter wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day. It’s great that you’ve been with Sophie since she was a kid.”

“Okay but why like this song,” added another.

Sophia Abraham Septum Hole

“All I want to say is wow. Wow,” a third one shouted.

So yes, the response was mixed, but the important thing was that Farah, Sophia, and whoever it was (Derek’s father, probably?) Were able to pay their respects in a way that they saw fit.

But maybe next time, Farah will be inspired to choose a song that is a little more appropriate for the occasion.

Twitter went wild after showing a leaked video of a completely naked Jesse Williams

Twitter went wild after showing a leaked video of a completely naked Jesse Williams

Okay, this is something Super NSFW Content on a Tuesday morning… so dive into it! LOLz!

Jesse Williams Acting on Broadway at the moment Take me out, A show that tells the story of a gay pro baseball player approaching his teammates and the world As part of the well-received performance, which debuted last month, the 40-year-old actor had to drop his drawer and show up. All Products on stage.

And now, after a video from her completely nude performance has been leaked, let’s just say that many NYC theater-guys are very, very, very Too much Joyfully surprised! Yes!

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Full-frontal (and highly NSFW) footage was leaked on social media on Monday. In the clip, Jesse is seen standing on the stage in a scene of a very steamy shower in the play. And you can see everything !!! (And, yes, that’s a lot!)

This is interesting – and related to TBH, because viewers need to keep their phones sealed before the event so that they can Can’t Do things like this! According to 2nd stage theaterIts website allows visitors to hide their phones and other smart-tech devices Yondr The case is “for the respect and support of our actors and for creating a phone-free space.” The only way to recover from this is to go to the lobby and use an unlocking tab after the show! What happened then?!?!

To be fair, not all was bad for Monday Gray’s physiology Star: He’s got one Tony Award Nome for the best performance of a popular actor in a play that day too. So people are taking news of his work in various ways!

Still, he must have felt some sort of way about the leak. Although Williams’ team has not yet commented publicly, last month, he did speak out Page six About her initial hesitation to do a full-nude scene on stage. Informing the outlet that he was “terrified” of the thought during an interview in early April, Williams later added:

“Then I realized that this is what I wanted from God. I asked in fear. I was told to do something that was scary and challenging and it didn’t make me earn and make me feel alive and well. “

That’s definitely one way to look at it!

And on Monday night, before the dazzling pin was published online, Williams joined Take me out Co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson On Watch Live What Happens Chat about drama. Talking to the host Andy Cohen About his live theater experience, Cabin in the woods The star says:

“It’s a body – once you see it, you’ll realize that whatever it is, it’s a body. I just don’t have to deal with it so big.”

You can see Jesse all Monday night Bravo Take that topic here:

Williams is right, of course! But does anyone still feel that way about it even after going online and promoting it ?!

Speaking of the internet, oh, boy, what is their reaction?

Williams name trend Twitter Throughout Monday night and until Tuesday morning, fans have shared their shocking response to seeing the star performer’s amazing package! Here are some of Jesse Johnson’s (below) adoption:

“Jesse Williams is the whole package and now everyone knows.”

“Please Jesse Williams Lord”

“We’re driving NY to see Jesse Williams on Broadway when we talk.”

“Anyone who leaked a picture of Jesse Williams’ D **: Thank you Lord for your work and I wish you a great harvest this season.”

“Thanks to everyone who took one for the team and snatched the camera on Broadway to give us these Jesse Williams videos.”

“I just saw a picture and video of Jesse Williams completely naked in that Broadway play … my GAWD.”

“I saw Jesse Williams was the trend and I didn’t understand why people were talking about it. I got it now.”

Ummm … yes!

We are not going to link to it, since it has been leaked illegally But if you’re into this kind of thing, you probably know how to do some (NSFW!) Snooping around on Twitter. Just talk! Yes!

Also, we’re leaving it here (below):

LOLz !!!

Feedback, fan reader ??

Sound off (below) with your take down in the comments.

[Image via Watch What Happens Live/YouTube]

Carin Chandler reacts angrily to Jack Rolf’s little thing

Carin Chandler reacts angrily to Jack Rolf’s little thing

We got our first look at the premiere of the upcoming Little People, Big World season.

And it’s a very awkward one, that’s for sure.

Us Weekly uploaded a clip from the May 17 episode of this popular TLC reality series and it turned out to be an unexpected feud between Matt Rolf and his son Zach.

As teased in previous promos, a major story this spring / summer will be Zach’s attempt to buy his family’s farm from his father.

zach / matt

“When Zach and I finally sat down, we were in really different camps. Any kind of deal could be made,” Matt said in a confession at the premiere courtesy of this sneak peek.

“Zach was really hot.

“He did not come to discuss, he came to demand.”

It is important to remember that these episodes were shot long ago, sometime in 2021.

Photo of Matt Rolf's interview

We think Matt and Zach have been around since then and are in good shape now – but it’s clear there was significant tension at one point.

Late last year, Zach and his wife, Tory, moved to a new home in Washington, much to the surprise of many fans who thought their next move would be on the farm – as the owner.

Zach, however, told the premiere that the deal was not made because of his father.

“He’s looking for a situation that he can control,” Zach told US Weekly in a video. “You are not referring to the terms here. You have given too many instructions for so many days. “

Jack Rolf is upset

Rolfe disagrees with the men about the situation, and Matt’s girlfriend, Carin Chandler, jumps in to comment on the current rift between loved ones.

“I hope we never move again,” the mother of three wrote at the time.

“We said goodbye to our sweet, comfortable, unique and very green house in Portland yesterday !! We have many fond memories of those homes, including our sweet beans brought home from the hospital, countless gatherings and just lots of love.

“We will miss Portland but we are very excited for our new adventure … in Washington.

“I feel sorry, I feel confused,” Chandler said. “I do not know why they are so angry. It feels very personal. “

In a separate scene, Tory largely agrees with Karin.

“It’s awkward,” she said simply, referring to where things stand between her husband and in-laws.

Tori and Zach Roloff poster

Later in the same footage, Zach asks his four-year-old son, Jackson, to tell his grandparents about moving to Washington.

Because Zach wants to avoid this topic with Matt? That’s how Karin interprets it.

“It was weird,” Carin said in her own confession. “I mean, who does that?”

Tory – who has just given birth to the number three child – announced the family’s move via Instagram in October 2021, telling his followers that he was “tired” after preparing for the big day.

In one episode Zach Roloff

“I hope we never move again,” the mother of three wrote at the time.

“We said goodbye to our sweet, comfortable, unique and very green house in Portland yesterday !!

“We have many fond memories of that house, including the sweet beans we brought home from the hospital, the countless gatherings and just lots of love.

“We’ll miss Portland but we … are so excited for our new adventure in Washington!”

Little Man, Big World Season 23 premieres at TLC on Tuesday, May 17, at 9 / 8c.

All my 600-lb life stars who died

All my 600-lb life stars who died

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Since its premiere in 2012, My 600-lb life Helped many people to start their life again after suffering from health problems. The TLC The hit follows a year into the lives of sick obese people who are ready to make a real difference in their lives and contact a Houston, Texas specialist Dr. Yunnan Nowzaradan To help with their food and sometimes special surgeries like gastric bypass.

Unfortunately, not all of Dr. Nao’s patients have improved since they began their weight loss journey. And it’s not always the weight problem that keeps them away from their loved ones. Take a moment to reflect on some of the tragic consequences of the series (below) …

Henry Foot died in a car accident
(c) TLC

Starting from scratch, Henry Ft One was a Season 1 fan favorite who weighed in at 715 pounds when it was first introduced. He gained most of his weight by eating twice as much, which affected him for most of his life. With a high school reunion around the corner, he hoped to lose weight – which he did! After changing his diet and undergoing a gastric bypass and skin removal surgery, Henry weighed 275 pounds at the end of the program. Incredible!

At just 47 years old, viewers were thrilled to see that Futsy was finally getting his coveted new start… but, unfortunately, that didn’t last. In 2012, Henry was working as a shuttle bus driver in Houston, Texas when he suffered a “medical episode,” according to police, which caused him to lose consciousness behind the wheel. He collided with a car and hit a pedestrian.

Six months later, on May 16, 2013, Henry died. The cause of his death was never made public; However, Cinematic Claimed that it was not related to his weight loss or the shuttle accident. Either way, it’s still so devastating.

Robert Buchel

Robert Buchel is dead
(c) TLC / YouTube

Season 6 star Robert Buchel 903 pounds began its journey. With the help of lymphedema removal surgery, she quickly lost 124 pounds in the first month and 170 pounds in the second month. He was more than willing to make a change, he said in the episode:

“Carrying all these burdens is physically, mentally, emotionally taxing. It’s not a pain or life that I want from anyone because I can do nothing. I can’t do anything for anyone. “

Although the New Jersey resident was fighting more than his food addiction. He was also struggling to cope with depression and pain killer addiction. At the time of filming, this proved too much and on November 15, 2017, he died of a heart attack.

Lisa Fleming

Lisa Fleming died a few months after my 600-Lb appearance
(c) TLC / YouTube

Lisa Fleming She was ready to make a big difference in her life when she joined the show in Season 6. She weighed 705 pounds at the time. Her mother died of obesity-related problems, so there was a fight in her family.

During My 600-lb life, Lisa loses 200 pounds after weight loss surgery. Sadly, just a few months after appearing in the series, his body “gave out.” In August 2018, Fleming’s daughter Daniel To say TMZ:

“Eventually he was sick and his body was exhausted and his body just went out.”

A Facebook Declaration received by PeopleHe further explained:

“I’m really at a loss for words right now. This morning I am sitting holding your hand for 4 hours and knowing that nothing I can do will bring you back to me. Anyone who knows me gave my all to my mother! “I’m glad you’re no longer in pain and stuck in that bed.”


Shawn and Renee Milliken

Shawn and Renee have struggled since my 600-pound life
(c) TLC

Shawn Milken He weighed a record-breaking 1,003 pounds when he joined the show in his twenties. The Season 4 cast member needed mandatory surgery before embarking on his weight loss journey. He was then able to drop an impressive 548 pounds. Unfortunately, that progress did not last …

In a special title Where are they now?, It was revealed that Shawn was struggling to keep the weight off. He was struggling with other mental and emotional challenges. His co-dependent relationship with his mother Rini That didn’t help either. Although he was not a patient of Dr. Now’s, Renee was widely shown in this episode because of how much he was involved in Shawn’s life, partly to the detriment of both of them. When Renee died of kidney failure in 2017, it was a difficult time for her son to recover. Two years later, he died of complications from an undiagnosed infection.

James King

James King died after appearing in my 600-lb life
(c) TLC

Season 5 stars James King Joined the franchise weighing 791 pounds. Sadly, he was unable to keep the weight off. When he appeared on one Where are they now? Notably, he gained an extra পা 49. In a surprising twist, Dr. Now actually blames James’ wife Lisa For her husband’s journey to come. He went so far to call the doctor Adult Defense Services Claims that he is influencing his planned eating plan. That’s great!

King was finally able to drop an impressive 340 pounds. But in April 2020, he died at the age of 49. The cause of his death was kidney failure, but a source said The sun He also suffered from septic shock. In 2017 he was hospitalized for sepsis, cirrhosis and kidney failure. Very sad.

James Bonner

James Bonner died after appearing in my 600-pound Life
(c) TLC

James “LB” Bonner Season 6 of the series had an impressive weight loss journey. He went from 642 pounds to 324. Sadly, he faced other civil wars. In 2018, LB took over Facebook Send a mysterious message that reads:

“I just want to thank everyone who has shown me love and support throughout my journey … I’ve realized a few things over the last few days and now it’s time for me to face my monsters.”

He was later found dead in Lexington Park, South Carolina, with a gunshot wound to the head. County Corona has declared suicide the cause of death. James was only 30 at the time.

If you or someone you know is fighting, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‘1-800-273-TALK (8255)’ or text TALK to 741741 on the Crisis text line.

Colissa Macmillan

Colisa McMillian has died at the age of 41
(c) TLC

Colissa Macmillan After working together for 8 seasons, Dr. is now called his “personal angel”. After surviving a heart attack before her weight loss journey, Colissa was able to lose 145 pounds from her original 643-pound weight with weight loss surgery. Unfortunately, Macmillan later suffered the complications of the surgery that landed him on a ventilator in the hospital for two and a half weeks. When little progress was made, doctors decided to keep him in a medically induced coma. In September 2020, TMZ He was pronounced dead at the age of 41. The cause of death was not immediately clear.

Kelly Mason

Kelly Mason died within his season
(c) TLC

Kelly Mason He was one of the hard working patients on the show. He appeared in Season 7 with a laundry list of health problems, including high blood pressure, blood clots in his legs, type II diabetes and arthritis. For this reason, he was not able to qualify for surgery until he was less than 340 pounds. Sadly, he died in his sleep of a heart attack just one day before his 42nd birthday and just as he was about to get approval for the procedure.

During his episode, Dr. Now reveals:

“Kelly had an appointment with me a few weeks ago, she had a weight loss track. So, [her death] Starting to go back to his old habits was not the result. He was working hard and doing what he needed to do [to do]. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. “

Gina Crossley

Gina left Crasley
(c) TLC

Gina Crossley He was one of the heaviest customers when he joined Season 8. During the opening episode, he opened up about his childhood, the trauma that caused him to eat mentally. Starting at 556 pounds, he worked out slowly from 50 pounds.

Interestingly, he was so inspired to make an impactful change in his life that when the show stopped filming his episodes, he started posting updates himself. YouTube One year after the channel aired its season, he lost another 100 pounds. He used his platform to encourage others on their journey. Amazing!

Unfortunately, on August 1, his family announced that he had died at the age of 30. The cause of death was not immediately known. Instead of flowers, they asked for grants from mental health organizations.

Rini Biran

Renee Biran left after attending my 600-pound Life
(c) TLC

Rini Biran He weighed in at 631 pounds when he joined the TLC Heat in Season 6. Before committing to her health journey, Renee was proud to be a plus-size model, but when medical problems arose, she knew she needed to change. He has seen many successes working with Dr. Now losing 250 pounds. Sadly, he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barr সিন Syndrome in 2019, “a rare autoimmune disorder where a person’s own immune system damages nerves, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis.” CDC. On May 14, 2021, Biran’s family announced that he had died at the age of 56, surrounded by those who loved him. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Destiny Lashai

The first trans star of TLC's My 600-Lb.  Destiny is dead
(c) TLC

My 600-lb lifeIts the first transgender star Destiny LashaiThose also went Matthew Ventress, Weighing about 700 pounds, appeared in season 7. Originally aired in March 2019, the TLC personality openly talks about how mental health issues have always been a challenge when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

“I think that what I am constantly doing is avoiding my frustration and pain right now. Food is the only thing I can do. I can feel it killing me. I have no way to survive. ”

With the help of Dr. Now, Destiny was able to learn healthy living habits which will help him to have great success after the show. LaShaee lost an impressive 500 pounds, inspiring fans who followed along on the online journey. Sadly, Destiny’s mental health battle was a tough cause and the social media star died in early February 2022. According to multiple reports, Destiny was 30 years old. No cause of death has been identified, but Lashaiya’s brother took to Facebook to share the heartbreaking news, reflecting:

“No no no I’m sorry brother, I accept you for who you are, I admit every mistake that comes with you, I’m sorry you felt alone, I’m sorry you felt you had no one else”

Such a tragic loss … RIP

[Image via TLC.]

Nathan Griffith married May Oyola; Son Kaiser is strangely absent from marriage

Nathan Griffith married May Oyola; Son Kaiser is strangely absent from marriage

If you have a long time Teenage mother 2 Visitors, then, you will almost certainly remember Nathan Griffith.

Nathan was engaged to Janelle Evans in some of her wild years.

And consider her life still a hot hot mess, that’s really saying something.

The two have a child together, but Nathan doesn’t seem to play a big role in the young Kaiser’s life – much more later.

Knut and Kaiser in 2022

However, it’s been a while since we checked in with Nathan because frankly, who cares what he’s doing?

But just for the old time, we decided to update you on a major development in Mr. Griffith’s life that happened last week:

According to a new report from Ashley’s reality roundupNathan recently married a woman named May Oyola.

Nathan announces marriage

On Friday the couple made their sacred union Facebook official.

There are very few details about marriage, because, again, Nathan is not interested in what is going on these days.

At the moment we only know that Nathan and May are building their homes in Miami, which may explain why the Net has not been very present in Kaiser’s life lately.

Photo by Nathan Griffith Insta

According to AshleyCaesar was not present at the wedding, which is a bit strange, because Nathan and Janelle were on decent terms with each other.

In February, Janelle mentioned the net in an Instagram video and claimed that she and David Eason were finally reuniting after years of fighting.

Janelle lies as uncommonly as most people breathe, but it seems she was actually telling the truth in this case.

Nathan Griffith has something to say

Among the types of social media posts that can only come from this lost one, Nathan even credits Eisen for the fact that he is no longer killing Kaiser.

We guess when you want to give credit to David Eisen, you have to set the bar very, very low.

One wonders why the emperor did not come to the wedding, but it may be a matter of logical – or budget – common concern.

Nathan Griffith wears a hat

After all, Janelle and David haven’t worked for years, and Nathan’s employment situation is uncertain.

Of course, Janelle has launched an only fan on the weekends, but she probably hasn’t made a real income from it yet, and flights from North Carolina to Miami are probably quite expensive at this time of year.

She may like the idea of ​​unloading her one baby for a few days so she can concentrate on creating content, but she can still run around three more lands.

General Evans to his tick

Also, this is not to say that Janelle, who has kids around, stopped her from posting selfies – just for the sake of the shed!

Anyway, congratulations to Nathan and Mackay.

This is the fourth engagement and second marriage for Nathan, who divorced Ashley Lanhard in 2021.

Nathan Griffith with Ashley Lanhard

We don’t know much about May yet, but he will definitely start popping up on the net’s Instagram page by the end.

We’ll update you when this happens – assuming any of you still care about what’s going on with Nathan Griffith!

Sherry Shepherd’s Surprising Response to Wendy Williams Blasting TV Show

Sherry Shepherd’s Surprising Response to Wendy Williams Blasting TV Show

Sherry Shepherd Understand why Wendy Williams Not very happy with him.

The 55-year-old new organizer said Sherry Shepherd Show Open in one Instagram Live The weekend streaming session, and was surprisingly clear – and enthusiastically understood – all revolved around the former host of public drama and debate Wendy Williams show.

Related: Wendy TV talks about expulsion and … teases a possible comeback ?!

Of course, Perezius readers will wonder how Wendy didn’t keep quiet about being replaced by Shepherd on the TV lineup during the day. On Saturday, the 57-year-old former Diba sat down for a new interview Fat Joe Where he explained why he wouldn’t check in to see Sherry’s version of the show!

At one point in the long chat, Wendy told the rapper:

“I won’t look at him because I know what he’s going to do and it’s not really my thing. You know what I’m saying? But I love, I love being on my own show. And I like that people like to see it, you know, always. “

That’s great! Shadow!

You can see all of Wendy’s comments – including her insistence that Fat Joe return to host a talk show – in this hour-long clip of her IG:

Naturally, fans immediately wanted to know what Sherry thought about all this !!

Fortunately, his own time Instagram Live In a video posted later this weekend, Sherry Wendy responded to a fan asking for her in a statement. Be honest And Gentleman, Sherry says she fully understands why Wendy doesn’t want to tune in:

“I heard Wendy say she wouldn’t see me on the new show. And that’s okay. You know, I understand. I’m not mad at Wendy. He’s going through a lot. “

The new TV host adds his belief that “everyone should pray for Wendy” after the last few months of controversy, including TV excitement and reported health issues.

Sheri added:

“I’m worried. I’m really worried for her because I don’t think anyone out there is protecting her. And it’s really hard when there’s no protection around you. But I’m not mad at Wendy because she won’t watch my show.”

An IG Live commentator then asked the question Call your mother The actress whether she and Williams were friends before this talk show situation.

Sherry replied, “Two.” Was Sherry had been “very friendly” with each other before SceneBut they didn’t really have a very close connection:

“We don’t run in the same circles because I live in LA and Wendy lives in New York.

Wisdom! Sometimes it goes like this.

Nevertheless, Sherry wanted to make it very clear that she hopes for the best in Wendy’s future health and well-being:

“She’s OK. There’s a lot going on in Wendy’s life [is] Pray. “

There’s nothing you can do about it right now, especially if you’re not in Wendy’s circle of friends and confidants.

Feedback, fan reader? Is this really taking care of Sherri?

Sound off down in comment (below).

[Image via The Wendy Williams Show/YouTube/WENN]

Patrick Mendes: 90-day fianc তারকা star HGH opens up about Olympic ban,

Patrick Mendes: 90-day fianc তারকা star HGH opens up about Olympic ban,

The audience was finally introduced to Patrick Mendes on Sunday 90 day engagement Episode

Patrick is now a successful safety consultant, but there was a time when he was one of the most powerful lifters in the world and went to the Olympics.

Those dreams are shattered when he tests positive for two controlled substances that are considered to be performance-enhancing drugs.

Patrick lost his dream and his first wife which he now realizes was a mistake.

Patrick Mendes is 31 years old

Patrick Mendes is one 90 day engagement Season 9 stars have fallen in love with Brazilian fianc Thais Ramon.

He is a dedicated fitness guy who loves to lift weights, discovering from a young age that he was very good at it.

Patrick met his first girlfriend at the gym and she became his first wife.

Patrick Mendes met his first girlfriend / ex-wife at the gym

Patrick envisioned a happy successful life as a weightlifting partner, but it wasn’t meant to be.

In 2012, Patrick was the highest-ranked American weightlifter in his weight class, finishing 8th at the Pan Am Games.

Patrick was in favor of winning a medal in the super heavyweight division at the 2012 London Olympics.

Patrick Mendes loses weightlifting career due to HHH / steroids

But, as Patrick told viewers – albeit in a shorter version – he tested positive for human growth hormone in early 2012.

This means a 2-year period of ineligibility to compete.

After accepting the ban, Patrick started competing for the Brazilian national team. Pat’s father is from Brazil.

Patrick Mendes is working

Patrick finished fourth at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, and everything seems to be back on track.

Unfortunately, after those games, he tested positive for 4-chlorohydromethethyl testosterone, a steroid.

The second offense means an eight-year ban, which will not end until July 2023.

For Patrick and Thais Season 9

In reality, the combination of steroids and HGH is very common – among bodybuilders and athletes as well as athletes.

Athletes, however, are tested a lot more than someone playing a superhero or modeling their muscles on Instagram.

We cannot say that what Patrick was doing was not a violation of the rules, but it is difficult for us to understand that the practice is avoided in the athletic world.

Patrick Mendes lives with his brother John

Patrick lands on his feet, but finds himself unmarried and with a new career.

He was in a position to invite his brother John to meet him.

Patrick even explained John’s very thick Massachusetts accent – John lived there longer than Pat.

Patrick Mendes met Thais Ramon in Brazil

But it was in Brazil, apparently while trying to bond with his father, that Patrick met Thais randomly on a dating app.

Thais loved to be true – absolutely gorgeous – and she made more than a dozen trips to see him.

Judging by the film quality of some of their flashbacks, some are wondering 90 day engagement They were filmed in Brazil but those plans had to be scrapped … but that’s just a guess.

Meet Patrick Mendes' friends Andy and Jordan

Weightlifting and performance-enhancing drugs aside, there’s a lot for Patrick.

She lives with her brother and they hang out with their friends.

Of course, that may or may not change when Thais arrives in Texas to be with Pat.

From Patrick Mendes to Thais Ramon - Are You Ready To Learn English, Love?

Patrick speaks a lot of Portuguese, and is able to speak Thai without what we have seen.

Thais cannot speak English fluently, but she is studying the language before her move.

But the noise Patrick’s brothers and friends make in the background doesn’t mean he’s not what he wants to be when he arrives.

From Thai Ramon to Patrick Mendes - We Need Freedom

Not unreasonably, Thais wants to be with Patrick – whom she loves – when she arrives, not with the brothers.

Maybe it’s an unfair characterization of them, but it seems to be his impression, and so far it’s hard to argue with that.

Thais and John don’t seem to like each other so far, and it’s not clear how long Patrick’s “creative” translations can keep quiet.

Patrick Mendes has to tell Thai where he is all the time

On a less reasonable note, however, Patrick constantly reports his position to Thai, keeping him updated about all his movements.

She even took things to give her access to her location data, so that even when she was asleep she would know she was home and not partying.

It’s extreme and a huge red flag, but Patrick hopes this wild violence will end once he leaves the United States.

Patrick Mendes is no longer allowed to train women in his job (GF orders)

This has even affected Patrick’s job selling home security services, where he is expected to train others.

Instead of continuing to argue with the Thais, he no longer trains women – something that affects him and perhaps these women.

So yes, we do expect a lot to change with the arrival of the Thais … but we will not hold our breath.

Jethro Lazenby, the model son of singer Nick Cave, has died 31-7 years later

Jethro Lazenby, the model son of singer Nick Cave, has died 31-7 years later

Singer Nick CaveHer son died.

Jethro Lazenby He was 31 years old when he died tragically this week. According to Australian media reports, the model and actor (pictured above, from Inset, 2018) was living in the Melbourne area and was released from prison just two days before her untimely death.

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Guha confirmed her son’s tragic death in a very brief statement to the media on Monday. According to The sunThe 64-year-old Aussie singer-songwriter says:

“Sadly, I can confirm that my son Jethro is dead. We’re grateful for the privacy of our family at this time. “

What a waste.

Jethro was born Nick Cave and bad seeds Frontman and model Beau Lazenby Returned in 1991. During her modeling and acting career, Jethro starred in films such as 2007 CarroboryAnd 2011’s My little princess.

Sadly, the late model and actor also faced personal problems throughout his life while struggling with his mental health. In April, Jethro was jailed in Melbourne on charges of assaulting his mother. According to The sunProsecutors in the case allege that the late actor “fell to his knees [Beau] During an argument causes bleeding and sores on the face. “

Following his arrest, Jethro confessed to a count of unlawful assaults and court orders. Late last week, Australian media outlets reported that a judge had ordered him released on bail in need of treatment for substance abuse as part of the case. Sadly, two days later, he died.

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This is another tragedy for the cave. Seven years ago, d Murder ballads The singer lost her other son, a 15-year-old Arthur’s Cave, In a terrible accident. In July 2015, Jethro’s teenage half-brother died after falling more than 60 feet from a hill in the Melbourne area. An investigation later revealed that Arthur had taken the hallucinogenic drug LSD before his death.

After Arthur’s death, Cave and his wife — Arthur’s mother, Susie – Moved to Los Angeles. They later returned to Australia, and then moved to London, to start anew after the horrific 2015 tragedy. Now, in addition to his grieving parents, Jethro is survived by his two honest brothers – EarlWho are Arthur’s twins – and Look.

Losing a child is very difficult. Two times in seven years is unimaginable. So heartbreaking, and something you can never prepare for. After this horrific tragedy our hearts go out to the rest of Cave, Lazenby and Jethro’s family, friends and loved ones.


[Image via WENN/Avalon]

Tristan Thompson Charms Chris Jenner with Mother’s Day bouquet

Tristan Thompson Charms Chris Jenner with Mother’s Day bouquet

Although Tristan Thompson seems innocent after years of cheating, he knows that others do not see him that way.

He is convinced that it is important for Mama Chris Jenner to be on the good side – perhaps more so than Khloe.

Over the weekend, Tristan was smart enough to communicate with her on Mother’s Day.

His overcharge got him a scream from Chris.

Tristan Thompson makes a face

On Sunday, May 8, Chris Jenner received flowers worth a garden.

A gorgeous bouquet came from Tristan Thompson.

The pink and white floral arrangement was photographed and shared on social media.

Chris Jenner IG Tristan Thompson Mother's Day Bouquet 2022

In his Instagram story, Chris wrote: “Thanks @ realtristan13 !!!”

Then he said: “I love you.”

Not everyone will say the same thing about someone or her who has cheated and insulted their daughter many times.

Chris Jenner - I'm sorry I'm so emotional

In April 2018, Tristan Thompson was exposed to the world as a fraud.

His pictures and videos with multiple women have surfaced.

Later that week, Khalo gives birth to True, but still lets him go to the delivery room.

Tristan Photo

Khalo has known for a long time that the world does not understand his decision.

He explained that as people were afraid, he felt that this was the best thing to give birth to the “perfect” truth.

Not having a cheating dad with Perfect, a smiling smile for the camera as if nothing was wrong.

Tristan Thompson hangs out

However, Khloe did not abandon Tristan, and eventually told his relatives to unblock Tristan.

In 2019, that has changed, and not for months due to rumors of fraud.

Instead, the “ultimate straw” seems to be Tristan giving Jordin Woods an unsolicited kiss, a good friend of Kylie Jenner’s (at the time).

Khalo Kardashian is walking, talking to Tristan Thompson

Although Kholo seemed dead to overturn Jordan’s life (and for a while, he did just that), he had a different attitude toward Tristan.

Khloe and Tristan met during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Of course, even a deadly airborne virus has not stopped claiming fraud, a model that publicly revealed its relationship with Tristan in early 2021.

Khloe Kardashian shows herself cooperating with Tristan Thompson

The model believed, as many people did, that Kholo and Tristan were still over.

Khloe – tired of hearing people’s opinions about his mistake – decided that it doesn’t matter if he’s back with the serial cheater.

This gave Tristan the perfect cover to work with his penis as he apparently looked fit.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson have come together

Khloe broke up again with Tristan in the first half of 2021.

However, in October of that year, when Travis Barker proposed to Courtney, Kholo took Tristan back to his heart.

This means that they were almost certainly still together when Tristan’s youngest child was born to a woman who sued him for paternity.

Tristan Thompson has a snack suggestion

Now, Khloe and Tristan are gone, but still working as 4-year-old True’s co-parents.

At this point, his fans would love to believe that it’s really, really over.

But given Khloe’s track record and Tristan’s apparent aspirations to be more attached to the family than just Tru’s father, it’s hard to say for sure.