Patrick Mendes: 90-day fianc তারকা star HGH opens up about Olympic ban,

The audience was finally introduced to Patrick Mendes on Sunday 90 day engagement Episode

Patrick is now a successful safety consultant, but there was a time when he was one of the most powerful lifters in the world and went to the Olympics.

Those dreams are shattered when he tests positive for two controlled substances that are considered to be performance-enhancing drugs.

Patrick lost his dream and his first wife which he now realizes was a mistake.

Patrick Mendes is 31 years old

Patrick Mendes is one 90 day engagement Season 9 stars have fallen in love with Brazilian fianc Thais Ramon.

He is a dedicated fitness guy who loves to lift weights, discovering from a young age that he was very good at it.

Patrick met his first girlfriend at the gym and she became his first wife.

Patrick Mendes met his first girlfriend / ex-wife at the gym

Patrick envisioned a happy successful life as a weightlifting partner, but it wasn’t meant to be.

In 2012, Patrick was the highest-ranked American weightlifter in his weight class, finishing 8th at the Pan Am Games.

Patrick was in favor of winning a medal in the super heavyweight division at the 2012 London Olympics.

Patrick Mendes loses weightlifting career due to HHH / steroids

But, as Patrick told viewers – albeit in a shorter version – he tested positive for human growth hormone in early 2012.

This means a 2-year period of ineligibility to compete.

After accepting the ban, Patrick started competing for the Brazilian national team. Pat’s father is from Brazil.

Patrick Mendes is working

Patrick finished fourth at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, and everything seems to be back on track.

Unfortunately, after those games, he tested positive for 4-chlorohydromethethyl testosterone, a steroid.

The second offense means an eight-year ban, which will not end until July 2023.

For Patrick and Thais Season 9

In reality, the combination of steroids and HGH is very common – among bodybuilders and athletes as well as athletes.

Athletes, however, are tested a lot more than someone playing a superhero or modeling their muscles on Instagram.

We cannot say that what Patrick was doing was not a violation of the rules, but it is difficult for us to understand that the practice is avoided in the athletic world.

Patrick Mendes lives with his brother John

Patrick lands on his feet, but finds himself unmarried and with a new career.

He was in a position to invite his brother John to meet him.

Patrick even explained John’s very thick Massachusetts accent – John lived there longer than Pat.

Patrick Mendes met Thais Ramon in Brazil

But it was in Brazil, apparently while trying to bond with his father, that Patrick met Thais randomly on a dating app.

Thais loved to be true – absolutely gorgeous – and she made more than a dozen trips to see him.

Judging by the film quality of some of their flashbacks, some are wondering 90 day engagement They were filmed in Brazil but those plans had to be scrapped … but that’s just a guess.

Meet Patrick Mendes' friends Andy and Jordan

Weightlifting and performance-enhancing drugs aside, there’s a lot for Patrick.

She lives with her brother and they hang out with their friends.

Of course, that may or may not change when Thais arrives in Texas to be with Pat.

From Patrick Mendes to Thais Ramon - Are You Ready To Learn English, Love?

Patrick speaks a lot of Portuguese, and is able to speak Thai without what we have seen.

Thais cannot speak English fluently, but she is studying the language before her move.

But the noise Patrick’s brothers and friends make in the background doesn’t mean he’s not what he wants to be when he arrives.

From Thai Ramon to Patrick Mendes - We Need Freedom

Not unreasonably, Thais wants to be with Patrick – whom she loves – when she arrives, not with the brothers.

Maybe it’s an unfair characterization of them, but it seems to be his impression, and so far it’s hard to argue with that.

Thais and John don’t seem to like each other so far, and it’s not clear how long Patrick’s “creative” translations can keep quiet.

Patrick Mendes has to tell Thai where he is all the time

On a less reasonable note, however, Patrick constantly reports his position to Thai, keeping him updated about all his movements.

She even took things to give her access to her location data, so that even when she was asleep she would know she was home and not partying.

It’s extreme and a huge red flag, but Patrick hopes this wild violence will end once he leaves the United States.

Patrick Mendes is no longer allowed to train women in his job (GF orders)

This has even affected Patrick’s job selling home security services, where he is expected to train others.

Instead of continuing to argue with the Thais, he no longer trains women – something that affects him and perhaps these women.

So yes, we do expect a lot to change with the arrival of the Thais … but we will not hold our breath.

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