Patrick Mendes: Is he really the owner of that nice house in Austin, Texas?

Both in his introductory episode and last 90 day engagement Episode, we saw the home and lifestyle of Patrick Mendes.

Just because he didn’t win the Olympics doesn’t mean he didn’t win.

Patrick obviously lives in a very nice house.

Naturally, fans wonder if he owns it … or if he gives himself a temporary upgrade to film the show.

Patrick Mendes is no longer allowed to train women in his job (GF orders)

Patrick Mendes is 31 years old 90 day engagement Cast member from Austin, Texas.

She stands tall in love with Thais Ramon, eager for her arrival from Brazil.

She has a beautiful view of the house, both inside and out.

Patrick Mendes' home is in Austin, Texas

Patrick is not the only person in a nice house this season – Bilal Hajiz comes to mind very clearly (albeit infamously).

But Bilal is old enough to have a teenage daughter, and he is a real estate broker.

Patrick, 31, has turned him into a millennium – part of a generation struggling to own a home, leaving a scale house in the 1990s like the one Patrick and his brother live in.

Patrick Mendes is 31 years old

A beautiful home is not cheap in a big city, where millions of Americans come out of homeownership, where vast corporations buy the market.

Some speculate that Patrick may have rented a house outside of his sustainable budget, just to film the show.

Hey, real housewives do this kind of work all the time.

Patrick Mendes lives with his brother John

Others, meanwhile, thought Patrick was simply not generous when he invited his brother, John, to stay with him.

Yes, some fans believe that Patrick gave John a place to stay (and helped him get a job at his company) after John went through some unforeseen misfortunes.

Others think that John is renting to Patrick to make it financially viable.

Patrick Mendes has to tell Thai where he is all the time

It is also possible that Patrick, who at one point admitted he missed “about $ 1,000 a day” on work leave to go to Brazil, is making serious money.

We don’t know how many days a week he works or what that schedule looks like, just that he’s a regional manager at a home security company.

But based on that, he can get a hefty six-figure salary, even more than a million a year. Possible.

Patrick Mendes holds a cute little dog

There are more good people Starkasum Some have dug in, and yes, Patrick owns the house – well, sort of.

Patrick was still married to his first wife in 2018, when the two bought the property (apparently new) for $ 489,900.

They took out a mortgage for 95% of the price of the 2,615-square-foot home.

Patrick Mendes met his first girlfriend / ex-wife at the gym

Patrick’s wife filed for divorce in January 2020. They divorced by the end of the year and he gave her the ownership of the house.

So he owns it, doesn’t he?

Okay, Patrick owned the house – in the past. He sold it in December 2021.

Patrick Mendes is working

Patrick sold the house, probably for বল 799,000 worth of ballpark items.

These sales came after thousands of dollars of upgrades.

While the timeline clearly shows that Patrick didn’t just buy the house as a backdrop for flipping it to flip it, he probably moved in with some extra pockets after all the relevant expenses.

Patrick Mendes reunites with Thais Ramon at the airport

Naturally, when it comes to home sales, there are some very logical questions that follow.

Is Patrick still living with John, his brother? Is Patrick still living with Thais – is he his wife?

He could be alone in an apartment somewhere, or this crowd of three could just be in a new house – or something.

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