Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Brookheimer announces the future of Johnny Depp

As Johnny DeppDefamation suit against his ex-wife Amber Hard Angry, Caribbean pirates Producer Jerry Brookheimer Fans are talking about whether they can expect to see a glimpse of the actor in his upcoming films.

Johnny starred in five of the fantasy swashbuckler films, the last Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales In 2017. Two more films are already in the early stages of development, but will Jack Sparrow be back ?!

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I’m talking Sunday TimesJerry reveals:

“Not at the moment. The future is not yet decided. “

Just like Amber Inn Aquaman 2Ongoing suit that continues to get Depp power way to snatch during screen! The funny thing is, we’re talking to the producer Margot Robbie To act in a new film.

While this is certainly a disappointing revelation for Depp’s diehards, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. During the trial, the 58-year-old actually testified that he was not interested in returning to the franchise. Amber’s attorney asked:

“The truth is, Mr. Depp, if Disney brings you $ 300 million and one million Alpacas, nothing in this world can get you back and work with Disney. Caribbean pirates Movies? Right? “

To which he replied:

“That’s right, Mr. Rottenburn.”

That’s great! Will he really return that much money?

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According to DiversityHe has a discussion Dailymail.com The article that announced that he was “out as Jack Sparrow” in October 2018 Why it was written, he said:

“I wasn’t aware of it, but it doesn’t surprise me. It’s been two years since I’ve been the talk of the town about beating this woman up. So I’m sure Disney was trying to cut ties to stay safe. The #MeToo movement was in full swing at the time. “

Depp’s agent Jack Wheinham He also testified that the allegations against his client excluded him from the race for the sixth time Pirates The film and the $ 22.5 million paycheck that went with that role. Condemning Amber’s op-ed that her ex had been accused of abuse, she continued:

“After the op-ed, it was impossible for him to get a studio film.”

Thus, it seems that the outcome of this trial alone will not determine Johnny’s potential future Pirates – If he ever wants to come back, that is – but he has the opportunity to act in other big budget films Worry ?!

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