Pre-school teachers have been accused of witnessing child abuse by parents

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Two Georgia preschool teachers have been arrested for allegedly abusing their students – while parents were watching a video leaked live!

According to Roswell Police, Jeina Aloswani40, and Soriana Briseno19, children have been charged with first-degree cruelty, and Parker-Chase has been fired from his position at preschool following the tragedy.

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In a statement, the department explained that one day after the alleged abuse, on June 3, they were first contacted by a concerned parent. The statement reads:

“That parent reported logging into the camera system and physical contact between Allostwani and Briseno with several children in the classroom.”

It has been alleged that Alostwani was sitting in a circle and walking behind one of several students with his feet on the student’s hands. The footage also shows him violently kneeling another child behind him. Meanwhile, Brisno is seen in the footage of her knees, talking intimately with one child, before apparently pushing another child’s forehead backwards.

The announcement continued:

“As a result of the investigation into the actions in that video, both teachers were arrested.”

Surprisingly, parents are shocked and disappointed by the teacher’s actions. Gloria BarghiOne of the victims was sitting next to his 3-year-old son, he said CNN That he rushed to the school after witnessing the incident in the livestream and called for the teachers to be removed from the classroom.

Barghi said a school employee confirmed what he saw the next day and allowed him and a victim’s parents to view the recording. Shortly afterwards, the father of one of the victims called the police. He said:

“There is no way I will ever trust that school. I think it should be stopped. These are believing people with my children. It was a gut punch. I felt pushed, annoyed and betrayed. “

The school is obviously shocked by this incident. In an email from parents received by the network, the school said it had reported the incident to their licensing agency and Children’s Protective Services and that they planned to cooperate fully with investigators. Read the email:

“We were shocked to learn late yesterday that teachers in pre-primary B classrooms had reportedly used inappropriate disciplinary measures against children. We are investigating because we are taking the matter very seriously. “

Court records show that Allostwani was granted a $ 75,000 bond, while Brisno was denied a bond and remains in Fulton County Jail.

[Image via Roswell Police Dept.]

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