Prince Harry: Why does he dislike his stepmother, Camilla Parker Bowles?

As Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel reunited with the royal family to celebrate today’s Platinum Jubilee, social media began speculating about the relationship between the Windsor dynasty.

Things have been a bit tense for quite some time, and the situation came to mind when Oprah Winfrey interviewed Megan last year.

After Meghan revealed that Kate Middleton had made her cry and an unnamed royalty expressed concern about the color of her unborn child, many assumed that Sussex would never return to the UK.

But in a few months it will be Harry and Meghan’s second tour in London and things seem to be going pretty well.

Of course, given the amount of drama that has unfolded in recent years, we assume that there will always be bad blood between the British and American branches of the family.

And that seems to be the most hostile relationship between Harry and his stepmother, Camilla Parker Bowles.

Camilla probably didn’t get too many chances with Harry.

Harry, Camilla

After all, he began sleeping with Prince Charles when he was married to Harry’s mother, Princess Diana.

Before her death, Diana commented on the relationship between Charles and Camilla, commenting in an interview:

“There were three of us at this wedding, so there was a little crowd.”

Princess Diana and Prince Harry

The Queen shocked the world when she announced earlier this year that Camilla would be given the title of Queen Fellow after Charles ascended the throne.

“When, in the fullness of time, my son Charles becomes king, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support you gave me; And it is my sincere wish that, when the time comes, Camilla will be known as the Queen Concert because she continues her own loyal service, “Elizabeth declared.

Insiders say the news came as no surprise to those close to Windsor, as Camilla has managed to impress her mother-in-law in recent years.

Meghan Merkel and Camilla

“Hard Graft Year [hard work] Charles’s courtiers made Camilla delicious to the British public and to the wider world. And Camilla has worked hard to make herself grateful – she’s been with Charles for 16 years of marriage, “a source told Page Six.

“But Harry will never truly love her, her mother was meant to be the queen, and Camilla will always be the woman who led her parents to divorce. This is not the first time Harry has joined his family on the porch of Buckingham Palace . “

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Harry aint for me either.

Interviewed by Prince Harry in 2022

“The idea is that Harry never gave Camilla the slightest chance and still denies it,” a friend of Camilla’s recently told the Daily Beast.

“It’s a real shame because Camilla is a person to whom we all focus from the heart when something is difficult. Camilla never said a word about it, it wasn’t her style, and she was the first to realize how difficult it was for Harry and William, but the idea that she was busy planning to ‘replace’ Diana when Charles was married was a bad thing. More credibility than the Crown has been given, “the insider added.

“Camilla was unlucky to fall in love with a prince.”

Queen and Camilla: Royal Windsor Horse Show 2015

A different source told Outlet that Harry sent a strong message to the world when he failed to congratulate Camilla after the announcement of her new title.

“It was an opportunity for Harry to show that what we were told from the palace over the years – that he had made peace with Camilla – was true,” the source said.

“The fact that he did not do so gives a strong indication that this is not a version of his subscribed description.”

Prince Harry, Camilla and Kate Middleton: Trooping the Color 2015

“William Camilla has accepted what she means to her father. She’s grown up about it. My dad loves this woman, I can’t fight it, so I won’t,” commented royal expert Tina Brown in a recent interview.

“Harry, on the other hand, can’t stand Camilla. She doesn’t want Camilla to be queen. She’s very angry that this is happening. She hasn’t made peace with him and she probably never will.”

Brown writes in his new book, The Palace Papers, “When the little boy was finally overwhelmed by the presence of Mrs. Parker Bowles, he was left in a state of long silence and discomfort at the smoky, annoying gaze.”

“Diana hated the idea of ​​Queen Camilla, there’s no question about it,” Brown said during the book’s promotion.

“But we’ve been around for 25 years. The queen has always been a realist and she knows Charles wants Camilla to be queen,” he added.

“So what the Queen wants to do now is tidy up and she can do whatever she can to help Charles take the role. It was a very clever estate plan to make this announcement.”

Yes, most of the coverage of the royal rift will probably continue to focus on the bad blood between Meghan and her in-laws.

But it seems that Harry still has a very ill will towards the family he left behind in London.

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