Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly avoiding niece Lilibet’s birthday

For the love of so many brothers. Prince William And his wife Kate Middleton Planning to miss their niece’s big first birthday!

In the report that William is correcting with his brother Prince HarryNow it appears that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are leaving town just as Harry and Meghan Merkel Will be in the area and ready to celebrate their daughter LilibateWith its birthday Queen Elizabeth II. According to, The couple will visit Wales as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which will begin on Thursday. While there, they will meet the actors and crew involved in a special concert Cardiff Castle.

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Back in the country, the queen is reported to be meeting her great-grandson and niece for the first time! There will be a birthday party Frogmore Cottage, Where Harry and Meghan will be staying in the UK for the festival. Lillibet, who will turn one year old on June 4, will celebrate her first visit to her father’s country since birth and the first time her parents have taken their entire family, including Archie3, left the royal life in January 2020 and returned to the country.

Oh, and the 96-year-old seems to be taking the meeting seriously! She’s missing her favorite sporting event, the Derby race at Epsom, to celebrate! So, he knows the importance of showing! (Although some say that the decision to skip the event was only to keep oneself active throughout the busy days,

Interestingly, the source said last week Mirror The estranged brothers are working hard to make their relationship a better place, even doing regular video chatting to stay in touch. An insider told the outlet:

“They also made facetime calls with their children, which allowed them to reunite. Looks like the two of them have healed cracks and come back a lot on the condition of their old friend. William sees Meghan as a good mother and loyal wife and she is truly happy for her brother. “

And, yet, they have one of the first opportunities to spend some quality time together in a close and family-oriented environment, William Ditch ?! That certainly raises some red flags! It is difficult to know how long the siblings will be together for the jubilee As Perezius readers already know, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already been banned from joining the Queen on the verandah during the opening ceremony, Trooping the Color, because they are no longer members of the royal family.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post The post The family will not be seen much during the four-day celebration, the Queen’s moment has been chosen instead of being in the shadows so as not to cloud. Royal historian and writer Hugo Vickers Told the outlet:

“I hope it’s all focused on that – the less scatter, the better, frankly.”

However, another source has claimed Archwell Foundation The founders did not worry about preventing some of the royal family from appearing in public, saying:

“Believe me, they’ll be fine if there are no public moments at the Jubilee.”

However, their presence will “remind the world that they are part of the program.” It’s hard to forget about them with all the dramas that regularly make a splash for fame!

Think, fan reader? Do you think that William and Kate will not be around for their niece’s birthday ?! Surely they could have rescheduled their plan if they really wanted to do it, right ?? Let us know what you think (below)!

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