Prince William and Kate Middleton deliver rare message for BBC host Deborah James

Prince William And Kate Middleton Sending them love BBC Host Deborah James After she shared some devastating news about her terminal cancer.

In case you didn’t know, the favorite radio host was diagnosed with Stage Four Boile Cancer in 2016 and has been openly talking about her health issues on social media for years. When he was cancer free in 2020, it came back later and he has been fighting for his life ever since. But on Monday, Deborah shared an unfortunate update with her fans, revealing that she is now in hospital care because her “body can no longer move.” He wrote:

“It simply came to our notice then. We tried everything, but my body is not just playing ball. My active care has stopped and I have now moved to a hospice home care, with my incredible family around me and the focus on making sure I spend time with them and not hurt. No one knows how long I’ve been there but I can’t walk, I sleep most of the day, and most of the things I granted were pipe dreams. I know we didn’t do any exercise. But even with all the innovative cancer drugs or some magic new success in the world, my body can’t move anymore. “

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He then explained that Internal funds “Being established” and asking his followers to support the charity:

“Please buy me a drink to see outside of this world, donating to @bowelbabefund which will enable us to raise funds for more life-saving research on cancer. Give Deborah more time!

The author then mentions that at this point, he added “taking one day at a time, step by step, and being grateful for another sunrise”:

“My whole family is around me and we will dance through the sun and smile (I will cry !!) together in every possible moment! You are all incredible, thank you for your role in my journey. No regrets. Enjoy life x “

Incredibly heartbreaking.

Following the health news, William and Kate praised Deborah’s efforts to raise awareness about bowel cancer in a rare private message posted on social media. The royal couple revealed:

“Every day and then, someone snatches the heart of the nation with the stimulus of their life and the strong desire to give back to the society. owbowelbabe is one of those special people. Her tireless efforts to raise awareness about bowel cancer and to end the stigma of treatment are inspiring. We are very sorry to hear of her recent update but happy to support owbowelbabef, which will benefit @ royalmarsdenNHS among others. Deborah, our thoughts are with you, your family and your friends. Thank you for giving hope to so many survivors of cancer. ”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also signed the note with their initials – note that the post came from them. According to Hello! Magazine, Kate and William have made an anonymous donation to her Cancer Research Fund, which has already raised more than $ 4 million. Amazing.

Deborah also responded with emotional respect for Kate and William Instagram story, Said he was completely “exploded” by it. See Ch-ch’s response (below):

Prince William and Kate Middleton provide rare message for BBC host Deborah James in her battle with stage 4 bowel cancer
(c) Deborah James / Instagram

Our hearts are broken for Deborah and her family. We are sending them a lot of love and light during this difficult time.

[Image via MEGA/WENN, Deborah James/Instagram]

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