Priyanka Chopra Blast Body Spray Advertising ‘Romanticizing Gang Rape’ … WTF?!?

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Priyanka Chopra Her voice is heard after watching a “disgusting” ad for a body spray brand Layer shot – And he and other Indian stars seem to have made a difference!

Here is one of the two ads for the shot, re-posted by a professor at Uppsala University on Saturday Ashok SwainWho accused the company’s joke ad of “romanticizing gang rape”:

For those who can’t see the belly, a woman notices four men behind her while shopping. One says:

“There are four of us, and there’s only one.”

As the woman became more terrified, one of them replied:

“Then who will take the shot?”

She becomes terrified – only realizing that they are not looking at her but in the last can of the shot on the shelf, causing her to smile at herself.

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The other ad is even worse. In it, a young man and his girlfriend sit on the bed in his room, when four of his friends come and lock the door. The leader said:

“Hey brother, it looks like you took the shot. Now it’s our turn. ”

The young woman is frightened as the first man approaches the bed – but then grabs the shot can at the nightstand.

See? Everything is fine. Not only that.

Advertisements were published in the national dialogue about the prevalence of rape culture in the country. Apparently up to 90 rapes a day are reported. The controversy comes just a week or so after the national story of a 17-year-old man being sexually assaulted by a group of five men.

Not a movie star Richa Chadda The ad exploded as a deliberate debate, tweeting:

“This ad is not an accident. To create an ad, a brand goes through different levels of decision making. Creative, script, agency, client, casting … does everyone think rape is a joke? Revealing! The brand, the agency that created the ad, needs to sue for the filth. “

Bollywood filmmakers Farhan Khan Says:

“What an incredibly tasteless and twisted mind it is to think, approve and create these smelly body spray ‘gang rape’ inendo ads. It’s a shame. “

Priyanka added her own voice to the choir, Explosion on Saturday:

“Shameful and disgusting. How many levels of clearance did it take to get this commercial green illuminated. How many people thought it was right? I’m glad it was called and now the ministry has dropped it. Terrible!”

Yes, on the same day, the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting called for more advertisements, saying that they were “harmful to the image of women in the interests of decency and morality” and that they had violated the National Media Code of Ethics.

Layer’r claims that they asked their media partners to voluntarily stop running the ad – which we assume would be better if the government banned them. They Type, type Apologies, posting Twitter:

“We have never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings or offend a woman’s modesty or promote any kind of culture, as some people mistakenly think. However, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. “

Such as “misunderstood by something.” So ভুল you are wrong about having this problem, but sorry if you are dissatisfied? Great.

What do you think about advertising?

[Image via Priyanka Chopra/Instagram/Layer’r/Twitter]

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