Queen Latifah says she and all her people were told to lose weight in this matter

Queen Latifah Over the years, his weight has become increasingly clear in dealing with scrutiny – especially on one of his previous television shows.

The 52-year-old actress appeared in a new episode Red table talk Discussing his new mission to reduce stigma and shame around weight on Wednesday, he noted that “people can change the conversation if they understand more” when it comes to the human body. Looking back, he remembers how his longtime friend and personal trainer Janet Jenkins At first he was told that he had “fallen into obesity in this section” – a moment that shocked him completely. Latifa reveals:

“So I was crazy about it. That bothered me. I was like, ‘What? Me? I’m fat!’ I didn’t associate the word ‘fat’ with anything that applies to me, I just thought I should stop eating and go to the gym. “

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But it wasn’t the only time in his life that he was completely shocked by someone else’s comments about his body. When the host Jada Pinkett Smith Asked if he felt his “size had been publicly verified,” he acknowledged that this had happened throughout his time in the entertainment industry:

“I have been scrutinizing my entire career in public. I just came out the door to look different. “

According to Latifah, though, it was particularly bad when it came to acting in sitcom Living single As well as between 1993 and 1998 Kim Fields, Kim ColesAnd Erica Alexander:

“It was a major one. It happened a few times. We helped create it Living single, So when you look at that picture you see four different women, four different shades, four different types, and we looked like four women who would live in Brooklyn and who we were supposed to represent and we love being able to do that. . And we like being able to do that. Because we have rocked brands that no one is rocking. We had all kinds of guests on our show who had never been on TV before – rappers and actors and just cool people. “

Latifa added:

“But the word has come down that we need to lose weight. The sound came down. We say, ‘Whose word is this?’

F ** kad up! However, his business manager “didn’t have it” and quickly shut it down:

“He made me aware of it but he was clearly like, ‘He’s not doing it, not for you, not for anyone, goodbye.’ But I also thought about my cast members, how they felt about themselves and then heard this? We are on the # 1 show among the black and Latino families in America and you were telling us that we need to lose weight? Maybe you are in trouble. The show is successful and you We were told we had to lose weight. “

The worst part? “The word has come down” Another time from higher that four women needed to lose weight. Incredibly frustrating. And no doubt, there are many more people in the industry who have faced this kind of pressure and comment before.

In the next episode, d Hairspray He also touched on how he has dealt with self-doubt and lack of self-confidence since he was a teenager when asked about dealing with “self-destruction”. He revealed:

“I had this problem from a very young age and these flashes would come into me, pure self-loathing, a glimpse of self-loathing. I really have to stop at my tracks and take a minute to try and turn my mind. At age 18, I had to make a decision, I was going to hate myself or I would love myself. I decided to love myself. “

Good for him!

You can check it out completely Red table talk Discussion (below):

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