Ray Luther’s daughter, Carson, has broken her silence over his sudden death

Three weeks after his father’s untimely death, Carson Leota Is open about destructive damage.

As the relentless reader knows, Goodfellas Star Ray Leota May 26 died tragically at the age of 67. He died in his sleep while shooting for his latest project in the Dominican Republic. Dangerous waters. He leaves his fiance Jesse Nitolo And daughter Carson, who is now publicly paying tribute to him.

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Taking away Instagram On Thursday evening, the 23-year-old shared an adorable throwback picture of her as a child in her father’s arms. He reflects on the amazing man he was, in the caption:

“Those who knew him loved him. The best parents you can ask anyone. I love you Thank you for everything

Very poignant. We cannot imagine how difficult this loss will be for him. See his post (below).

Roy and his ex-wife Michelle Grace Karsen was welcomed in December 1998, six years before their separation. By joining the industry he has followed his father, even acting with him Shades of blue!

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In 2016, the proud father backed his decision to become an actor, he said Andy Bush In one Absolute radio Interview:

“I’m a true believer that if he wants to do this, what will I do? What you do and how you manage that time is what confuses a lot of actors.”

He gave her a tip, adding:

“The lazy hand is the devil’s workshop. The biggest thing I want to teach him is to find positive things in it [projects]”

The Amy The winner was also to thank Carson for introducing him to his fiance. The Dream field alum says Kelly Ripa And Ryan Secrest In September his daughter meets Jesse’s son Chase At a party and decided to try his matchmaking skills! Jesse was initially hesitant about the whole thing because he “didn’t want to do anything with the actor” but when he met Roy and they stopped it everything changed! They announced their engagement in December 2020. Expressing grief over the loss of her husband, Jesse said in part:

“He was the most beautiful person I have ever known inside and out … and that’s a small statement.”

We send a lot of love to everyone in Ray’s inner circle as they continue to work through the great grief of his death.

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN & Karsen Liotta/Instagram]

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