Red Power Ranger Austin St. John arrested in FBI sting

Ah oh. Caught in the hands of a childhood hero The FBI Allegations of cheating!

According to Of the judiciary, Austin St. JohnWho played the Red Power Ranger on a 90’s hit show, Mighty Morphine Power RangersCoronavirus has been accused of participating in a massive প্রকল্প 3.5 million fraudulent scheme for small businesses during the epidemic.

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The actor’s neighbor McKinney, a Texas neighbor, said TMZ That approximately 15 FBI agents arrived at Austin’s home at 7 a.m. Thursday, carrying tactical gear and AR-15s. They enter the house and go out with handcuffed St. John! He is accused of being one of 18 people involved in the scandal Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program. These loans were intended to help small businesses float during the epidemic.

The 47-year-old was born, according to a press release from the DOJ Jason Lawrence Geiger, Was convicted by a federal grand jury on May 12 of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Read the report:

“In the petitions, the defendants have been accused of misrepresenting material information such as the actual nature of their business, number of employees and amount of salary. This material is based on misrepresentation, [Small Business Administration] And other financial institutions have approved the defendants and issued loans. “

Once the funds were distributed among individuals, officials claimed they were not used properly, adding that the defendants “transferred money to their personal accounts and spent the funds on various personal purchases.”

Aram: How did the government know where the funds went? What, did they spy on their bank account or something else ??

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The Turbo: A Power Rangers movie alum responds to complaints through an official statement written by the talent agent and producer Zachary McGuinness Shared Instagram Friday, says:

“Austin St. John is a father, husband, role model and friend to many. Today the detailed complaint is popularized by many people – most of whom have no knowledge of Austin, and who have never met or contacted. It is understandable that Austin left his faith, reputation, and finances in the hands of third parties whose goals were self-centered and ultimately betrayed and betrayed his faith. We hope that Austin’s legal team will successfully defend against these allegations and lead to his final release. We urge you to respect the privacy of the Austin family in the light of this serious situation and thank you for your support. “

Galactic production Also released a statement Facebook Sharing that the martial artist will no longer be able to attend the Des Moines Bride this weekend due to “unexpected personal obligations”.

Similarly, St. John’s Attorney, David ClaustSaid NBC News:

“The allegations are not evidence of guilt. All of the defendants have been acquitted and Mr. St. John strongly wants to defend himself against the charges. “

Austin pleaded not guilty to the charges. If convicted, he and the other defendants will each face up to 20 years in federal prison. That’s great.

[Image via Power Rangers Official/YouTube & Austin St. John/Instagram]

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