Reuben Gallego tears up Ted Cruz during a Texas school shooting: “You’re a

You’ve definitely read so far that a gunman opened fire on Rob Elementary School in Uvalade, Texas on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the latest reports, 19 children and two teachers were killed in the massacre.

When the public was overwhelmed by the latest mass shooting in the United States, Rep. Ruben Gallego blasted Senator Ted Cruz with a few tweets just hours after the attack, following Republicans in response to the tragedy.


“We know from past experience that the most effective tool for keeping children safe is armed law enforcement on campus,” Cruz said in an interview with MSNBC, providing no evidence to support this claim.

“Of course, when such killings happen, you see politicians trying to do politics,” he added.

“You see a lot of people in the Democrats and in the media whose immediate solution is to try to limit the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. It doesn’t work.”

In fact, many Democrats – almost All Democrats in the Senate, to put it bluntly, have long been pushing for intelligent gun control legislation, the kind that There is Has done a lot of work in other countries of the world.

Ted Cruz Photograph

The law has been repeatedly blocked by Senate Republicans.

Gallego, meanwhile, saw Cruz’s interview yesterday afternoon and just couldn’t help himself.

He had to call Cruz … to be a hypocrite in the so-called life-affirming position and to abandon his constitution last year when they were in dire need.

“F — you @tedcruz you take care of a fetus but you let our children be slaughtered. Just take your donkey to Cancun. You are useless,” Gallego wrote on his personal Twitter account.

Ruben Gallego

Twenty-one minutes later, Gallego doubled the message:

“Just to be clear — you @ Ted Cruz you —— baby killer.”

Elsewhere, Gallego lashed out at Congressman Darrell Isa (R-CA) who tweeted, “Our thoughts and prayers are with this family.”

“F — Your prayers. They haven’t worked for the last 20 mass shootings to pass legislation on how to stop these killings,” Gallego said.

Ruben Gallego tweets

Gallego was not done either.

He later tore down the Sen. Kirsten movie (D-AZ) after the senator – against whom Gallego could run in 2024 – condemned the shooting.

“We are appalled by the tragic tragedy at Rob Elementary School in Texas and are grateful to the first responders for their heartfelt and quick action,” Cinema said in a statement.

“No family should be afraid of violence in their children’s school.”

Ted Cruz in the mask

“Please stop .. unless you are willing to break the filibuster you can just say ‘thoughts and prayers’ to actually pass intelligent gun control measures,” Gallego replied to the movie.

In 2021, the House Democrats passed a bill that would effectively examine the background to private gun sales by involving gun manufacturers or gun dealers as a third party.

The measure passed 227-203 in support of one Democrat and eight Republicans.

It has stalled in the Senate, however, where it is unclear whether it will even be able to gain a simple majority due to Joe Manchin’s previous resistance to the gun system.

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