RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein ‘superstitious’ by estranged husband’s ‘behavior’ – she is now

The drama is heating up for some of these stars Miami’s real housewifeA

Famous plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein Officially divorcing his wife, Lisa HochsteinWho hits regularly Bravo Reality show. And we now know exactly what is going on between the 55-year-old surgeon and his now-isolated 39-year-old reality TV star’s wife!

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According to a source with whom he has discussed divorce Page sixOnly Lenny moved away from him RHOM-Active wife, but she’s already moved into another woman’s arms: 26-year-old model Catherine Majepa!

Oops !!!

Noting that Majepa was seen with a plastic surgeon at a Miami hotspot over the weekend, the source told the news outlet about the current chemistry between the pair, who are apparently pursuing love despite a gap of almost 30 years!

Internally explained:

“[Katharina] was strutting and holding Lenny’s hand. He was very proud to be with her. He seemed even more embarrassed about it. “

Damn it!

Of course, Lenny is technically still married to Lisa at the moment, although the divorce process clearly means they are no longer together. Still, the model is apparently not thrown by the recent confusion! In fact, the source added that Lenny and Lisa split up a while ago:

“[The ex-couple] He split up a while ago, and he traded Lisa for a new model. “

Oops. This comment (and attitude) is seriously under the belt.

In Dr. Hochstein’s new relationship with Katharina, Lisa also opened up to News Org through her spokesperson. In a very trivial statement to the outlet, Bravo-Liberty gave direction to his story, and he did not hesitate:

“As a mother involved with two small children, I am going to focus all my energy and time on them. I am blinded by her behavior and reckless handling of the situation.”

Blind ?! Reckless ?? This is certainly not going to be a smooth ride for these two. We just wish good luck to their two children through all this.

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The famous plastic surgeon tried to control some of the damage in a separate follow-up Leaves Six Monday, too. In an interview with the publication that responded to Lisa’s spokeswoman (above), Lenny tried to bring the controversy back while providing her own alleged timeline and now argued behind denying their divorce weeks before dealing with it.

The plastic surgeon, known in some cosmetic circles as “Boob God”, says (below):

“Lisa and I are getting divorced. A few weeks ago, I denied it because I was trying my best to protect my family during the process. It’s a very difficult time, and I will ask for some privacy so that we can take good care of our children.” Those who mean the world to us. “

Lenny further revealed her relationship with 26-year-old model Majepar, saying that her new red-hot romance with him did not begin until he decided to break up with Lisa:

“It simply came to our notice then. … I have tried my best to avoid it for our children, whom we love deeply. We’ve been living apart for months and decided to divorce last month. As soon as I made the decision I started seeing Katharina. This is something that Lisa was well aware of before it happened. Our problems have nothing to do with filming the show. “

Uh huh.

Lenny and Lisa share two children – a 6-year-old boy Logan And a 2-year-old girl Eli – And we sincerely hope that things will work out smoothly for these two young people as they continue to grow and develop. Outside of that, JEEZ !! What a drama !!

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[Image via Lisa Hochstein/Lenny Hochstein/Katharina Mazepa/Instagram]

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