Rumors abound after machine gun Kelly dedicates BBMA’s performance

Kelly machine gunIts performance Billboard Music Awards People are speculating on Sunday night!

The musician took to the stage to perform his new song Twin Flame In the event of a last minute replacement Red hot pepper Those came out of the show. But while performing the emotional track, he made two special sacrifices that made fans think he and Megan Fox The knot may be tied And A baby can be expected!

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At the beginning of the performance, MGK shared:

“I wrote this song for my wife.”

There’s that word again! It is now a rapper, born in a long time Colson BakerAlthough the couple has not officially announced their marriage, they have called his girlfriend “wife”. They’ve been hired since January, so it’s not clear if the Rock Star is interested in the day they finally say “I do” or whether the pair really shared the oath. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

Later, MGK sparked more speculation about their relationship towards the end of the song when he added:

“It’s for our unborn child.”

Hmmm. Could it be a declaration of pregnancy ?! We know that the couple has already added to their large mixed family and is finally planning to have a child together. The actress is currently splitting up with the boys Noah9, Bodhi8, and Journey5, with ex-husband Brian Austin Green. Kelly’s father Casey, 12, with his ex-girlfriend. So, does the 36-year-old have a bun in the oven? Or what was that message all about?

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Fans took to social media to speculate, to write Twitter:

“So has MG confirmed that Megan Fox is pregnant with her baby ??”

“Megan Fox Progressors ???? Did MG just say our unborn child !!!!! Wait !!!!”

“While performing MG, Megan calls Fox his wife and yells at their unborn child. We obviously missed several chapters. “

“Megan Fox is pregnant ?! What an announcement that was !!”

“You mean Megan Fox is pregnant ????”

“Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Tonight is the 15th to 16th full moon eclipse that should be red. …) “

Interestingly, there was a large section of followers who were not quick to celebrate the child reference, suggesting that it might be consent for a possible abortion. Considering that the official song ends with a heartbeat, users believe that the performer is referring to an already lost “unborn child”, saying:

“Not everyone thinks @machinegunkelly is announcing their pregnancy but doesn’t realize that the song has a heartbeat. He was acknowledging the loss of her and Megan.

“I hate that take-away from that performance was ‘Megan Is Pregnant’ and not ‘Machine Gun Kelly opened up about one of the toughest things anyone could ever do on national TV.'”

“Machine gun Kelly is always so weak with us, don’t regret it.”

“Anyone who was confused about machine gun Kelly’s performance said ‘this is for our unborn child’ because they had an abortion, the heartbeat that was played in the song was the baby.”

While all of this is still speculation, the lyrics of the song, along with the sacrifice of the unborn child, are quite sad, the 32-year-old sang:

“Go to sleep
I will see you in my dreams
It changes everything
Now I have to set you free. “

Wow … as Perezius readers will think, Fox spread rumors of her first pregnancy last year when she and Courtney Kardashian This introduces them to their husbands Video Music Awards, Calling them “fathers of future children.” Could she have been pregnant since then but sadly lost her child before she could tell the world? It certainly makes some fans think.

Kelly said before the performance on the red carpet Entertainment tonight That he wrote the song “two years ago” for Megan, who added:

“The song also has some special secret meanings, so I’m sure I will [emotional]”

So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. The lyricist, however, took to Twitter to share:

“It broke my heart to sing at the end of that song.”

A few minutes later, he added:

“I recorded Twin Flame 2 years ago today, the second half came a year later.
I’ll be able to sing it for you tonight. “

It certainly brings a whole new meaning to these sacrifices. Think, fan reader? What do you do with all these rumors?

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