Sam Asgary didn’t get Britney Spears ‘million dollar ring’ – and neither

Sam Asgari There is a different perspective when it comes to lush and decent Than his fiance, Britney Spears. But he wants you to know that his choices have a much deeper meaning than they seem.

Sam opened up about choosing an engagement ring – and explained why he didn’t give up on Britney to get the biggest rock he could find! His answer is actually quite sweet!

The actor proposed to the pop princess in September 2021, following rumors that she had been spotted shopping for a ring. Cartier. However, tShe became a model personal trainer with the help of Cartier was not listed at all! Instead, he designed the ring himself Roman MaleevA designer Forever Diamonds NY.

He explained his deep personal decision GQ In a new interview on Wednesday, he said:

“I tasted it and thought he was too big and the super celebrity wouldn’t want anything. Celebrities get that million dollar ring. “

One million dollars? Not exactly two months salary for the new actor, who recently played a minor role HBOOf Hacks. But as he mentioned, he could probably get a valuable ring Except Spend big bucks – if it were to advertise the company’s latest product! And he did not want that!

“And usually, it’s free because it’s for publicity, but I want it to represent something. I want it to come from my heart and I want it to go to someone who was not a big jeweler. It was a big company but it was like that. A company that is willing to do what I want. “

He didn’t want to make a glamorous statement, he just wanted his bride to have something come from her heart. Aha !!

Asgari referred to Spears as a “princess”, citing her experience designing rings with jewelers:

“So I really designed a beautiful ring. It’s a princess cut, for a real life princess. “

She referred to her fianc as “a real-life princess.” Brazen. But um … a small problem … the ring Is not Cut a princess.

That’s right! Brit-Brit diamonds a Round bright cut. So the feeling was sweet, but uh … maybe he forgot this detail? We guess she’s better than picking a “round bright cut for a round bright woman”!

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The more accurate description of the ring comes in the form of an engraving – Sam’s nickname for Brittany, “Lion”, is engraved inside the silver band. He explained why he chose this nickname for his soon-to-be wife:

“It simply came to my notice then because I always thought the lion was lazy. The male lion has always been the symbol of the king of the jungle. But it’s not true, it’s really feminine and she was very strong and she was very independent. And Singhi was a beautiful name that came to me from somewhere. So it’s kind of a nickname, but I don’t call him that every day. It was like a symbol. “

What a nickname for such a strong and independent woman! Check out the round bright cut ring (below):

The health instructor also teased the personal offer, saying:

“We have video of it but it is only for our eyes. I didn’t tell anyone to be honest with you. I did not want anyone to know and interfere in any way that was between me and him. “

Ah! Maybe one day they will be emotional and share in the ‘village’! Sounds like it would be particularly ridiculous because Sam said Originally Brit thought she was getting a puppy! But to her great surprise she got a fianc instead! What a darling!

We are deeply in love with Brittany’s delicate engagement ring (even if it’s not a princess!) And wish the couple happiness forever!

[Image via Instagram/Britney Spears/Sam Asghari]

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