Sarah Jessica Parker addresses her most public hater, Kim Catral

Can’t miss the revival, And just like … On his much-anticipated return Hocus Pocus IIThis is a great time for Jessica Parker.

But for many years now, he has had an outspoken critic: Kim Cattrell.

His ex Sex and the City Castmate was not ashamed to condemn her, although many aspects of the conflict remain shrouded in mystery.

Sarah says it’s “hard” to talk about anything, because she wants to avoid being “unpleasant” and because it’s so one-sided.

SATC Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catroll

Sarah talks to Jessica Parker The Hollywood Reporter This week Reward hangout Podcast

“It’s very difficult to talk to Kim about the situation,” he admitted.

Sarah explained that it was “because I was so careful not to say anything unpleasant.”

Kim Cattle Face

Sarah said what she really wanted was to “run through how it happened” from her perspective.

Famously, in terms of public speaking, it has been a one-sided controversy.

“One guy spoke up,” Sarah characterized.

SJP picture

Perhaps only Kim Catral can explain for himself how this conflict happened.

From Sarah’s point of view, it seems to have started with a crack in the 2010s.

Plan for a third Sex and the City Warner Bros. “did not meet” after Kim’s request.

Dirty rich - fox

“So we didn’t do the movie,” Sarah admits.

He explained that the film did not happen “because we did not want to do it without Kim.”

Sarah said: “Are we disappointed? Of course. “

Sarah Jessica Parker snapshot

In the face of frustration, he was clearly speaking for himself, for Cynthia Nixon, and for Christine Davis.

“But it did happen,” Sarah admitted.

What struck him the most was, he said, “a lot of public conversations about how he felt about the show.”

Kim Catral in 2020

While there is much to be said about the show’s legacy and Kim’s role in it, Sarah had more to say.

“I’ve spent many years working really hard to always be decent with everyone on the set,” Sarah revealed.

“To take care of people, to be accountable to people and for them,” he stressed.

Jessica Parker at the Globe

Sara mentioned that she “wanted to be accountable to both my employer and the people for whom I am responsible as the producer of the show.”

He lamented: “And there is no one who has spoken of me in this way.”

Like we said, maybe only Kim knows why, but there’s something to be said for the show’s legacy.

Pictures of Kim Catral red carpet

Kim Cattrell plays Samantha, arguably the most favorite and most popular character from the show.

At one point (and on one show) Samantha was a sex-positive character, notorious for many hangouts.

Some scenes from Sex and the City Not a good age at all – notoriously, a gruesome biphobic scene shows Samantha being the only one well received in the room.

And just like ...

It is believed that the show deliberately sabotaged and negatively impacted Samantha’s one-sided popularity with viewers.

(There are episodes where, out of nowhere, Samantha will have a “racially charged” conflict with a black guest character, for example)

A long-standing theory is that these moments were created to temper Samantha’s popularity.

Kim Catral, green pants

Is this what Kim Cattrell is upset about? Does he blame Sarah Jessica Parker for that? Will he do it right?

We do not know directly. We wish both the actresses well and wish them to be together.

In between, we waited 30 years Hocus Pocus II And can already feel the hype building.

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