Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that she has not spoken to Chris Knott since her sex

Sarah Jessica Parker Being candid about the state of his friendship Sex and the City Co-star Chris Nath – And her sexual harassment allegations seem to have affected their bond!

In a new interview with Dr. The Hollywood Reporter Which was released on Tuesday, the SJP was asked to discuss how it reacted to the depressing allegations against Nath after the reboot of the hit series, And just like that.Premier HBO Max. Not only did Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big Love play an interest throughout the franchise, but he also served as the executive producer of the new series – so much energy and responsibility to deal with such injuries. Fan

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Still reeling from the drama, Parker admits:

“I don’t even know if I’m ready to talk about it.”

Is it still raw for him? That’s great! As an executive producer on the show, how he reacted, he continued:

“But I don’t think so. As a producer, I didn’t react. I should have worked on it because I’m just. That’s right. “

Hmmm. We wonder how he handles things behind the scenes? It must have been very challenging for him to navigate considering how close he had been to Chris for so many years. When asked if he had “spoken to her” since the scandal broke, he actually said:



It’s been five months since two women filed a sexual harassment complaint against the actor using a pseudonym to protect their identities. THR. The outlet claimed that the two women arrived separately and did not know each other. New York native and his co-star Christine Davis And Cynthia Nixon Has issued a joint statement on legal issues, saying:

“We are deeply sorry to hear that. We support those who have come forward and shared their painful experiences. We know it’s hard work, and we appreciate it. “

But the allegations keep coming up.

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Shortly afterwards, others, including the actress, started accusing her of misbehaving Joe Lister-Jones Who said the 67-year-old was “consistently sexually inappropriate with a fellow female preacher” with whom he worked and was accused of being “drunk on set” Laws and orders. A source close to Chris said And! News:

“It simply came to our notice then. Laws and orders That’s just as untrue. “

Meanwhile, Good wife Alam also denied the allegations, issuing a statement to the outlet in December:

“The allegations made against me by people I met years ago, even decades ago, are completely false. These stories may have happened 30 years ago or 30 days ago – or not always – this is a line I have not crossed. The encounters were consensual. It’s hard not to question the timing of these stories. I don’t know for sure why they are coming now, but I know: I did not attack these women. “

But the actor has paid the price for his alleged actions. He dropped out A3 artist organization And has been fired from The Equalizer. Although his character, Mr. Big, had already died WHQS Reboot, additional scenes from the series were cut after the complaint.

And now now, it’s clear that even her decades-old friendship with her on-screen love interest has disappeared! Are you surprised that SJP did not contact him? Let us know (below)!

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