Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hokas Pocas coaster Kathy Nazimi is next to Kim Catral

Well, it certainly seems to be a conflict of interest!

Lots of fans and colleagues Kim CatralIts side in the highly publicized conflict with Sarah Jessica Parker. But those who were not actively working on the project with the latter!

If you miss it, SJP talks about its long-term beef in a podcast. To listen to her, Kim paints herself in more self-righteous colors. He says he refused to do the third Sex and the City All the time movie – SJP says he has backed down after making unreasonable claims only Warner Bros., Who did not want to indulge him. The Family stone The star tried to say that she was not taking part in the “very painful” fight, but portrayed Man Kim as a diva who was irrational and controversial from somewhere. Read in line with us if you want here.

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Just a day after that interview Kathy Nazimi Acceptance Twitter Her best friend … to post a love message to Kim. He wrote:

“I’m sending love to my brilliant genius, beautiful smiling @ kimcatrall1 today..Miss U”

“Authentic” isn’t it? Hmmm. He then wrote, probably posting again since he first mistakenly handled the Kim Twitter handle:

“ImKimCattrall is sending you all the love and support in the world today !! ‘Business’ and probably one of the best, most authentic people in the world! Dinner soon my love!

The “most authentic” business?

See, this is a seemingly very sweet and innocent message. But time cannot be ignored. He is clearly taking sides here – even hinting that he is more “authentic” than SJP! Think we’re reading it too far? Well, in that first post, he also used bright, talented, beautiful and funny words. But when the only thing he had to do was repeat, he thought for sure that he would have to say “authentic” again. Think it’s an accident?

This is especially rude considering considering finishing filming with Kathy Sarah a few months ago! The pair have reunited, together Bett MidlerFor the long-awaited sequel to the all-time Halloween classic To deceive. Getting to her Sanderson Sisters reminds Kathy again Unauthentic Has the SJP been so long? Damn, what a juicy post for such kind words. Not only that, in two posts about sending love to Kim, Gurl actually retweeted a Disney + ad. Hocus Pocus 2!

Kathy Najimy Hocus Pocus 2 retweets
(c) Twitter

It’s some real master craft here, and we’re eating it!

Some tell us we can’t see Kathy and SJP in the same room when it comes time to do it Hocus Pocus 2 junkets press! Someone already formed a quiet circle!

[Image via Kathy Najimy/Instagram/Disney+/MEGA/WENN]

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