Scott Desic partyed, Courtney and Travis flirted at the stripclub on the night

Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker hosted a third wedding on Sunday, May 22nd.

All eyes were on the couple, both positive and negative. At the same time, Scott Disc got sympathy.

So how did the self-styled lord deal with his ex’s very public third marriage, involving everyone he knew and their children?

Scott was apparently doing just fine … and was visiting a strip club.

Scott Disc in a PJ

TMZ Scott Disk reports that Courtney and Travis spent their wedding night in New York City.

There, he was seen late at night (technically, Monday morning) at the Sapphire Strip Club.

The report states that he met with a group of buds at 2:30 AM.

Scott Disk needs to be challenged

He is said to have spent about an hour at the strip club.

He didn’t stick with his group of friends because he was seen talking to a certain woman extensively.

Then, he went back to the night.

Scott Disk IG - Short Movie Night

Scott was not ashamed of his trip to town.

He even showed fans when he went to Casa Cipriani, with the caption of his Instagram story “Little Movie Night”.

Scott enjoyed a fancy and well-attended steak dinner.

Spaghetti plate at Courtney Kardashian's Travis Barker wedding

Compared to the famous sad pasta portion served at Courtney’s wedding, it looked like a feast.

(Yes, we know that weddings are for completely different foods, but if you are going to serve one bite of spaghetti, you can also give it Spoon)

Apparently, Scott’s evening didn’t end with dinner and a movie.

Scott Disk has been happy

Scott indicated that his final destination was the “beach” and we somehow suspect that he did not immediately mean the coastline surrounding New York City.

She is known for jetting around the world – and around the world – for public holidays, especially when she aims to impress a young, hot model.

Describing her visit to the strip club, it is possible that a teenage model was not involved in Sunday’s trip.

Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were married in Italy

But even without visiting the Strip Club, it certainly wasn’t a family vacation.

Scott’s kids weren’t with him – they were in Italy.

Raine, the youngest, was the ring-bearer of Courtney and Travis. Penelope was the daughter of flowers.

Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

The kids didn’t take part in the emotional “rehearsal” show in Vegas, which was probably the most publicized and most amazing of the three shows.

It happened in April, another Monday morning, and was certainly not legally binding … even if Courtney and Travis probably didn’t realize it until later.

Still, it was a good practice run. And this month has helped build them to make their true wedding dreams a reality.

Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker walk the steps

Last week, Courtney and Scott legally tied the knot at a small ceremony in Santa Barbara, later sharing black-and-white photos on social media.

The children were not included in the program, but some elderly relatives from both sides were included.

Married before their gorgeous Italian ceremony in America, they saved themselves some potential paperwork and allowed some relatives to attend who would not fly to Italy. A win-win.

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