Scott Disc and Rebecca Donaldson break up; He is “back on the prowl,” the source says

If you’re a teenage Instagram model, now might be the right time to turn off your DMs for a few days.

Because Scott is back in the market after breaking up with his girlfriend Rebecca Donaldson.

It was only two months ago that we learned that Scott and Rebecca were dating, but the relationship seems to be getting serious in a hurry.

Disik even brought Donaldson as the date of the premiere of Kardashians’ new Hulu series.

Pictures by Scott Disk and Rebecca Donaldson

Now, Scott has met many women – most of whom are much younger models – and he and Courtney have had years of separation,

But many decided to invite Rebecca to the premiere because the two had been there for a long time.

Obviously, that doesn’t turn out to be the case.

Rebecca Donaldson model

But there seems to be no hard feeling.

Insiders say In contact Despite that contrast, Scott and Rebecca were “never serious about getting started” and only “dating casually”.

The source added that Disk “likes to be friends with some girl he’s dating” and probably “won’t cut her off completely.”

Scott Disc with Rebecca Donaldson

But while Scott is determined to maintain a good relationship with Rebecca, insiders have confirmed that the reality star is very “in the flow.”

Many hoped that Scott’s “proling” days were over when he began dating Rebecca, especially since his choice of teenage partners had drawn a good deal of criticism.

Several of Scott’s recent relationships with models are about half his age.

Scott Disc, Rebecca Donaldson photo

Insiders are reported to be optimistic that newly-single Scott has put that particular prediction behind him for the better.

Before his breakup with Rebecca, Disik was seen partying with Corne Olympios The Bachelor Fame

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Corinne Olympios Show Route, Midrif

But those who know Disik well say he is unlikely to have played on the field.

“Whenever Scott is looking for a partner and has a lot of girls, he hits a lot of girls,” said one source In contact.

“[Disick] DM the girls on Instagram and make flirt comments, ”the insider added.

Scott Disk stands for his kids

Sources say Scott is still struggling to process the fact that Courtney Kardashian is married to Travis Barker.

Scott and Courtney have been together for 10 years and have had three children together, but she has resisted the idea of ​​getting married.

Scott is said to have regretted the decision a few months after Courtney and Travis reunited, and insiders say he still considers Courtney “a fugitive.”

Scott Disc seems left

Maybe those feelings will lead her to look for suitable adult partners in the hope of restoring the happiness she had with Courtney.

Or maybe he’ll continue acting by dating women who are young enough to be his daughter.

Sadly, since this is the Scott Disk we are talking about, the Grocer option seems to be the most likely option.

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