Scott Disc: I’ve been trying to get Courtney back since I married Travis

Since the engagement of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, Scott Disk has been throwing a compassionate party for one.

A month of bitterness has turned into mopping. It was hard to see.

As it turns out, before things got serious with Courtney and Travis, Scott still hadn’t given up his desperate fight to get her back.

Only the upward chemistry of the court with Travis forced Scott to wave a white flag and admit that it was, really, over.

Scott Disk throws a Mamata party

Over the years, Scott Disk and Courtney Kardashian have been an item.

They were not inseparable. Indeed, their relationship can still be identified as on-again, off-again.

They had three children together. Then, in 2015, they broke up for the final time.

Scott Disk has been happy

Notoriously, Scott did not accept the new status quo silently, and seems to have spent some time denying that it was over.

In 2017, when it really sank that he and Courtney were done, the process of tackling it involved involving destabilizing 19-year-old models in France.

The report states that friends were also concerned about his drinking at the time. He seems to be a self-destructing spiral.

Sophia Ritchie and Scott Disk look depressed

Although Scott has gotten a little better because of 19-year-old model Sophia Ritchie.

That relationship was long-term but clearly ended. After some modeling, Scott Amelia was dating Gray Hamlin.

Her latest relationship with the famous 19-year-old model of Parentage was even smaller, ending when Scott’s bitter DM Younes Bendjima leaked about Courtney.

Yunus DM1

In 2021, Courtney and Travis were packing at the PDA – and were photographed doing so.

Scott tried to bond with another ex of the court, Younes, exploding him for this behavior.

Yunus did not have. He told Scott that he was happy for her. He then leaked the screenshot on social media.

Yunus DM2

A new report by Our weekly That said, Scott has really given up trying to win Courtney.

Even now, insiders say, Scott hasn’t really “acknowledged” how much things have changed.

But Courtney has been engaged for half a year and then not one, not two, but Three Wedding with Travis.

Scott Disk in Hulu

“Once he got serious with Travis,” the insider explained, “he stopped trying to win her back.”

Lack of effort does not mean that his emotions have been transferred.

“His feelings for her did not go away,” the source acknowledged.

Scott Disc seems left

“She’s always going to love him,” the insider warned.

There seems to be a lot of conflicting emotions at play.

The source explained: “She is having a hard time accepting the fact that she is married.”

Scott Disk stands for his kids

Scott has some real, even sympathetic, reasons to be upset with these changes that have nothing to do with Pinning for Courtney.

For one thing, he shared three children with Courtney.

Her remarriage is complicated – though Kardashians This made it clear that Mason had won over Travis.

Scott Disk is looking forward

Scott was terrified of losing his family – the Kardashian-Jenner family.

His stupid semi-incest (but not really, in any sense) hangs out with Khalo. Chris is basically his mother-in-law.

The thought of losing them drove him into enough panic that he almost burned some bridges with them. Let’s hope he also calms down on that front.

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